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An In-Depth Look at Attributes – Part 3: Willpower

Willpower – The attribute of charismatic leaders and cunning illusionists, of mighty warrior-poets and mad sorcerers, of stalwart soldiers and sworn protectors. Willpower is the attribute of unwavering resolve. Whether you are commanding legions and rallying troops, destroying (or dominating) anything in your path, coming back from the brink of death to triumph or guarding against imminent devastation – if...


Card Draw #5: Card Draw Options in the Willpower Attribute

Episode #5 of our Card Draw series – this time we will be looking at the yellow cards. When DireWolfDigital and Bethesda designed the game, and they distributed the majority of card drawing cards, the yellow Willpower guys were probably on a vacation. Well to some degree at least, as there is only 11 options (not counting multi-color yellow cards)....


Guide to Epic Willpower Cards in The Elder Scroll Legends

I found this video to be a good summary of the epic Willpower (yellow) cards in The Elder Scrolls Legends (includes all sets until Houses of Morrowind). It is good to watch if you are new to the game and trying to build your card collection and need to think about what epic cards to craft (=get). The video is...