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Crucible blacksmith

Crucible Blacksmith – Uses and Synergies

Crucible Blacksmith is the first “true”, unconditional Item Tutor in The Elder Scrolls Legends. The new blue 2-cost creature was recently revealed by Jele77 on her stream. Surprisingly, the Blacksmith is a Wood Elf and not a Redguard. The reason can be explained by Elder Scrolls Lore: During the time just before the Greymarch, the only blacksmith in the Shivering...


Discard Pile Creature Tutors – An In-Depth Look

Your opponent has just removed a creature that was pretty valuable for your game plan? Whether it’s an important combo piece being hit by their Territorial Viper, or whether it’s your Apex Wolf, Torval Extortionist, Therana, or Odahviing: you really need them back pretty badly? There is hope for you, because Discard Pile Creature Tutors can do exactly this trick...

Creature Tutors

Creature Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends – An In-Depth Look

In The Elder Scrolls Legends, Creature Tutors are a flexible tool to draw a specific or a random creature at exactly the time you need. Creature Tutors increase the probability of drawing a particular creature from your deck. This increases the consistency of that card being drawn. For almost every combo deck, Creature Tutors are a great way to increase...


Support Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends – An In-Depth Look

The Elder Scrolls Legends has some very powerful support cards in each attribute. Whether it’s World Eater’s Eyrie, Wrothgar Forge, Mages Guild Retreat, Divine Fervor, Mechanical Heart, Swindler’s Market, Thieves’ Den, Ring of Namira, High Hrothgar, Mushroom Tower, Haunted Manor, The Night Mother or Altar of Despair. You will certainly have a few decks in your current deck lists, where...


Action Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends – An In-Depth Look

Action Tutors are a great vehicle to enhance action-based decks in The Elder Scrolls Legends. You can win more consistently and potentially save some precious slots in your deck. Due to the release of Altmer Dragonknight and Destruction Tutor, action-based decks are currently undergoing a bit of a renaissance. This article provides a in-depth look at all the action tutors...


Item Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends – An In-Depth Look

Your item-centered decks in The Elder Scrolls Legends can win more consistently with Item Tutors. While many of your successful decks already rely on items, probably only some of them run item tutors to draw the item from deck. So can item tutors help to improve this? Item Tutors at their Best A good example of a deck that tutors...


Deckbuilding Reference Sheet: Tutors

How can you get value from tutors in deckbuilding? With the new cards from The Elder Scrolls Legends FrostSpark Collection, you are now looking to build a completely new deck? You have play-tested your new baby a little bit, but your opponent always gets card advantage or runs under your curve and beats you down? Maybe add more Guards or more...


Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends – The Basics

If you are new to CCGs and The Elder Scrolls Legends, you will probably ask – “What is a Tutor, anyway?”. You probably have been using them already in some of your games. If you would like to go a little bit deeper into this concept and strengthen your TESL deck building skills and improve your win rates, this article...