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Jele Island Cup – Play The Conquest Format!

Long-time TESL player and streamer Jele77 is organizing the Jele Island Cup, a monthly tournament series focused on the conquest format. The Jele Island Cup takes place every first Saturday in a month. You can register for tournaments at Jele Island on Battlefy. The winner takes home 60 packs as a prize. The next round, Jele Island Cup #3, will...


Is the Oblivion Gauntlet F2P-friendly?

Bethesda is trying something cool for tomorrow’s Oblivion Gauntlet. You get to play with ALL cards from the core set and the new Jaws of Oblivion expansion, no matter the size of your collection. If you are a free-to-play player or still relatively new to TESL, you might ask yourself: is it worth entering this competition? To make it short:...


Legends gets its first Oblivion expansion – The Daedra are Coming to Town

Yesterday, Bethesda announced the fifth expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends – Jaws of Oblivion. The set will contain over 75 new cards and launches on October 8th, 2019 and is available for pre-order now! The set relates to the events unfolding during the Oblivion Crisis in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (see the official Bethesda announcement) and is themed...


Warpmeta Tournaments Return!

Great news for competitive players of The Elder Scrolls Legends: the Warpmeta Tournaments will return on August 11th, 2019. After the great 2019 Masters Series, there remain few community-run initiatives for TESL tournaments. Therefore, one or two of the Masters Series players had considered turning away from TESL for lack of a competitive scene. Earlier this year, Warpmeta, a prominent...

The Elder Scrolls Legends Roadmap 2019

The Legends Roadmap 2019 – 4 New Pack Expansions

Bethesda Game Days 2019 brings us the long-awaited Legends roadmap. Good tidings, citizen: Bethesda and Sparkypants deliver what the Legends community has been asking for. And they deliver in style, confidence and with a bang: Alliance War, the new cardpack expansion will release on April 15th, 2019. After Bethesda has shifted developers to Sparkypants, we are now seeing the opening...


New Legends Expansion – Alliance War – Pre-order Leak

Awesome spoilers ahead – the Alliance War Pre-order Leak! The next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends is called Alliance War. Yesterday’s patch 2.8 brought three nerfs, a great new VFX for Edict of Azura and lots of small improvements. On top of that, the patch contains some “hidden” previews of the new pack-based expansion: Alliance War. Here is the...

Isle of Madness

Isle of Madness – Madness Beckons: 6 Card Reveal

Sheogorath beckons the first six cards of the Isle of Madness story expansion in a sneak peek deal during the Festival of Madness. After Cheesemancer, this is the second card to allow a glimpse of the upcoming Isle of Madness expansion. The deal includes three premium art copies of the 1-cost action Madness Beckons in a special deal for €9.99...


Elder Scrolls Legends 2018 – A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

2018 was a transitional year for the Elder Scrolls Legends. The community will remember 2018 as the year of the new Sparkypants client. A year that has given us confidence that Bethesda is in for the long run with Legends. They are investing into growing the game and it’s popularity. With the delay of The Elder Scrolls Blade, the issues...

Cheesemancer - Isle of Madness - Sneak Pack

Cheesemancer – Uses and Synergies

Cheesemancer is a premium art card that reveals some of the content of The Elder Scrolls Legends Isle of Madness (IoM). IMPORTANT NOTE: the card is not part of the Isle of Madness collection itself.  You can buy three premium copies of Cheesemancer as part of the Festival of Madness Sneak Peek Pack, together with 4 HoM and 4 Skyrim...

Festival Of Madness The Elder Scrolls Legends

Festival of Madness – Let’s Talk TESL-Commercials

The Elder Scrolls Legends has always been a fair F2P game. I know many Top 100 players that do not yet have a complete card collection. You do not need to spend to win in TESL. Also, Bethesda has been clearly taking efforts to protect players’ investments into the game. Now, the Festival of Madness is providing The Elder Scrolls...


Bethesda announces the FrostSpark Collection

Today, Bethesda announced Frostspark, a new 11 card expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends for the price of 9.99 USD or 1500 gold (non-premium). Frostspark will also be released as a fully premium version that can be purchased for 19.99 USD (but not for gold). They explained on the weekly TESLegends twitch stream that the expansion will help mitigate some...

Isle of Madness

Celebratin’ Patch 2.2 ‘n th’ First Look at Th’ Isle o’ Madness

Gicaforta, MasculineBulldog and BloodDrunk007 good mateys ‘n honourable hands in th’ Blood Warriors Guild ‘n their crew ‘ave found new bootey. Jus’ t’ bridge th’ time ’til th’ Isle o’ Madness be released. Aye, ye be hearin’ correctly – new content from Th’ Isle o’ Madness. Find it further below. But first: Celebratin’ th’ 2.2 patch o’ Th’ Elder Scrolls...


The Elder Scrolls Legends – A Look at Steam Player Statistics

Many players enjoy The Elder Scrolls Legends via Steam. Steam provides great data on the player-base of their games, so maybe you want to know if the player-base has increased or decreased since the new Sparkypants client has been released? And there is some good news! Despite some of the troubles the game is going through at the minute, and despite...


Updated New Starters Guide

You are new to The Elder Scrolls Legends? We have just updated the New Starters Guide with the relevant, additional content created in September. As TESL.BLOG is not even two months old, we will continue to put additional guides out and keep updating the New Starters Guide also, when new content becomes available. More advanced players will find additional guides...


The Elder Scrolls Legends – The New Client out tomorrow

The new client is coming to The Elder Scrolls Legends tomorrow. The servers went down a few hours ago and should be back up on Tuesday, if all goes well. Find up-to-the-minute news on @teslegends on Twitter. The new client – developed by Sparkypants – is basically a faster and redesigned version of the original client from Direwolf Digital. The...


The Blood Warriors Guild TESL Pro-Team

The Blood Warriors Guild are super excited to announce it’s newly formed Elite Team! The players undertook trials and challenges and the five team members have been selected. They are: floWMega GicaForta SmoothOperator SpoilerULose Napman floWMega is stepping into the role of Team Captain, and has proved himself a willing team player and a good sport worthy of the title....


Get Twitch drops when Bethesda Germany streams from Gamescom

www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollslegends/comments/98cl6i/icymi_bethesda_de_gamescom_stream_with_special/ Gamescom is to Germany, what E3 is to the United States – the biggest computer game show in the country. Tens of thousands of gamers will be on their pilgrimage to Cologne starting Tuesday, 21st August. The fair that’s lasting until Saturday the 25th sees its 10th Anniversary this year. Bethesda Germany just announced that they will broadcast from...

PS4 is not for you Elder Scrolls Legends Fan

PS4 is not for you Elder Scrolls Legends Fan

According to a Gameinformer interview with Pete Hines The Elder Scrolls Legends is intended to be released only on platforms that allow cross-platform competition. This makes totally sense, as the game lives from the size and diversity of its player base. However, this does rule out the PS4 as Sony wouldn’t permit cross-platform play. Not even for Fortnite. For me,...


2018 TESL Master Series – Top 8 Bracket

The 2018 Elder Scrolls Legends Master Series tournament has found it’s winner: Plzdonhakme from Canada. He wins a check over 20,000 USD. Congratulations to him and all players. It’s been a great experience and you can watch all the games at Twitch. Here is the results of the top 8 bracket. A complete list with all decklists of all 16...

Isle of Madness

Story Expansion Isle of Madness announced

At Quakecon 2018, Bethesda announced a new story expansion to Elder Scrolls Legends, called Isle of Madness. While Bethesda is investing heavily into turning Elder Scrolls Legends into an e-Sport, by heavily investing in the tournament scene, the company with many of it’s best games has been true to a great single player experience. The story expansions are great for...


Twitch Drops during QuakeCon Keynote

Bethesda is running a huge tournament at the moment: The Elder Scrolls Legends Master Series. The qualification round has finished and 16 of the best players have qualified for the final. The grand finale will be held at QuakeCon and the games will be broadcasted on Thursday August 9, at 1:00 pm central and on Friday, August at 10:00 am central...


Welcome, Friend!

The first post won’t be anything big. My TESL acronym is Holoir and I am from Germany. English is not my native language which will become apparent by the time you have finished reading this post. I started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends (TESL) after the relase of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion. I played a few of the Elder...