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Arena Tier List

Last updated on 9/21/19 – Please refer to the new and updated Jaws of Oblivion Arena Tier List. Improve Your Picks in Solo and Versus Arena This arena tier list can be a great tool to assist you with arena drafting and learning the overall power level of a card in this game mode. It was last updated on September...


Karakondzhul’s Legendary Crafting Guide (Update 25-Oct-2019)

UPDATED: OCT-25, 2019 (Jaws of Oblivion) DISCLAIMER: This article is all my (Karakondzhul) opinion and it’s okay if you have a full or nearly full collection and disagree on some of the ratings. This guide is aimed at new players who have no point of reference about what constitutes a good card but want to start building towards a collection....


Budget Token Empire

Sav0s_Aren has brought us another powerful budget deck: Budget Token Empire. This token deck includes the latest great common and rare cards from Moons of Elsweyr and has been updated on 25-Oct-2019 for Jaws of Oblivion. A budget deck costs under 10,000 soul gems when crafted and runs only must-have cards, not niche ones. These must-have cards, like Divine Fervor,...

Alliance War Epics

Alliance War – The Epics to Craft – A Guide for New Players

Have you finished crafting the legendaries from Alliance War? Do you now want to go after the Alliance War epics and add them to your collection? This guide will help you to craft the best Alliance War epics to expand your collection in the most cost efficient way. Epics in Alliance War To complete your collection of all epics in...


Alliance War Crafting Guide – Legendaries

Have you saved a good amount of soul gems to craft a few legendary cards from the Alliance War expansion? Would you like to add the best staple cards from the set to your collection? This guide will help you to craft the best legendary cards for you depending on whether you prefer to play aggro or control. Legendaries in...


How to Build Your Card Collection in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Have you recently started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends? Have you finished the tutorial and now want to know how best to build your card collection? Do you want to know which story expansions to buy in which order, or if you should play solo or versus arena? Where to spend your gold? Let us answer all of these questions...


The Consume Mechanic and the Imbued in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Moons of Elsweyr introduces the consume mechanic to The Elder Scrolls Legends. With consume, you can remove a card in your discard pile from the game to gain advantages provided by your necromancers. Triggering the Consume Mechanic For this to work, you will simply need at least one creature in your discard pile when you play the necromancer. This can...


Budget Token Guildsworn

Sav0s_Aren is brewing on some additional budget decks. A first option leveraging the latest Alliance War cards is Budget Token Guildsworn. This token deck leverages classic elements from Mage and Crusader tokens and blends them into a powerful Guildsworn deck. (Note, it has been updated on 25-Oct-2019 to reflect the additional new expansions Moons of Elsweyr and Jaws of Oblivion)....

Piercing Javelin - Prophecy

The Prophecy Mechanic

The prophecy mechanic is one that allows some cards to be played for free during the opponent’s turn; similar to Instant/Flash spells in Magic: the Gathering, but still different in their own way.


An In-Depth Look at Attributes – Part 4: Agility

So far we have examined the raw power of Strength, the explosive unpredictability of Intelligence, and the overwhelming resiliency of Willpower. Now we shift focus to Agility, the attribute of subtlety, precision and speed. Agility moves swiftly and silently, letting loose lethal arrows, pilfering and pick-pocketing, lying in wait in the shadows for the opportune moment to strike. What it...

Isle of Madness Walkthrough A Haunted Man

Isle of Madness Master Guide #2: A Haunted Man

This article provides an Isle of Madness master guide for Episode 2: A Haunted Man. Certainly, the tips can equally be applied to normal difficulty level. Maybe you have completed the episode on normal difficulty? Maybe you are struggling a little with a particular mission on master difficulty? This guide provides a proven collection of decks that can help you...

Budget Decks - Tiny Dragons

Budget Decks for The Elder Scrolls Legends (Update 25-Oct-2019)

Decklists for Budget Decks are a great way to kick-start your Elder Scrolls Legends experience. Budget decks are a great way for new starters to gain experience with the game and to climb the ranks in Ranked Play. Additionally, they can be used to grind Soul Gems against the Expert AI to acquire more cards. (Important note: Article updated on...


An In-Depth Look at Attributes – Part 3: Willpower

Willpower – The attribute of charismatic leaders and cunning illusionists, of mighty warrior-poets and mad sorcerers, of stalwart soldiers and sworn protectors. Willpower is the attribute of unwavering resolve. Whether you are commanding legions and rallying troops, destroying (or dominating) anything in your path, coming back from the brink of death to triumph or guarding against imminent devastation – if...


An In-Depth Look at Attributes – Part 2: Intelligence

“Infinitely more versatile than a simple blade of steel, a good mage has a wide array of spells at her disposal. More than that, she knows when best to use them.” – Aramril, The Apprentice’s Assistant As any great fighter will tell you, there is more to battle than brawn – you need brains as well. In the last part...


An In-Depth Look at Attributes – Part 1: Strength

“‘Grutsug,’ people ask me, ‘What weapon should I use? There are just so many choices!’ Why, yes, my less-battle-savvy little friends, there are! But not to worry; you don’t need to choose just one. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have much more fun with two!” -Weapon-master Grutsug Crush, Slash, Bash, and Stab Ah, Strength – The Attribute...


The Elder Scrolls Legends as a Free-to-Play Game

Can you play The Elder Scrolls Legends a Free-to-Play (F2P) game? The Elder Scrolls Legends is a strategy card game that will keep you engaged for months to come as it provides numerous possibilities to play the game. Arena modes are great for new players, there are also several story expansions for a great single-player experience and also a competitive...


Leveling Rewards

You can earn Leveling Rewards by leveling up your hero through consistently playing The Elder Scrolls Legends. After downloading the game for the first time your hero starts at level 1. Over time, you can level up to level 50. Each win provides experience points that help you to go one level up. Whenever you level up you will also get...