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Four Flavors of Monk

If you’ve shared a virtual room with me at any point in the last 2 months, you know that I am a fanatic about Monk. Classes in general have seen a bit of a decline lately with “good stuff” Tricolor decks dominating the ladder, and of the few classes that still see play, Monk is one of the least popular....


Combo, Wombo – BAM #5: Namira’s OTK Monk

Hail Legends and welcome to a new article in the Combo, Wombo – BAM section! This article will be concerned with a Combo deck that focuses on another OTK win condition using the Ring of Namira. Previously, Blooddrunk007 from the Blood Warriors Guild posted an article for the Scout class involving the use of Namira’s Ring in conjunction with the Spider...


Shadow Shifter Monk – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met once again fellow Legends! The Blood Warriors Guild would like to apologise for the wait and the missing of the past two weeks decks. This was due to the new client arriving and the incidents good and bad it has caused. With any luck and a lot of good intentions, these decks should be submitted weekly...