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Card Draw #8: Multi-Color Card Draw Options

In the (last to) final installment of our series about card draw in The Elder Scrolls Legends, we will look at the multi-color cards, that can be included in Class decks or House decks. The shiniest star here is probably the Crusader class, but also House Telvanni has good options available. Mage (blue/yellow) Mage’s Trick The rare 3-cost action Mage’s...


The Elder Scrolls Lore – The Tribunal and the Houses of Morrowind

A look at the lore of  Houses of Morrowind – The Houses and a few Lore Theme Decklists…. The Elder Scrolls Legends is set in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls universe. The single player role-playing classic series of The Elder Scrolls provides a tremendously rich universe with a lot of Lore. This lore is transported into the cards that we play with...