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Token Empire – BWG Weekly Deck

Time for another weekly deck by the Blood Warriors Guild: Token Empire. This deck was created by Kodlak9270 and took victory among many superb Empire formations. With Slay-Ramp Ebonheart, Abomination Empire and Burn Assassin dominating the meta, this deck will allow you to bring Glory to the Empire by employing a classic token strategy. A fair battle with valiant, honorable...

Murkwater Scourge

Goblin Monk – BWG Weekly Deck

Green Goblin Monk was the winner in the Blood Warriors Guild weekly decklist competition in early April. The objective was to build a deck around Murkwater Scourge (the Monthly Reward card from March 2019) and JGlass won the competition with his Goblin Monk deck. My sincerest apologies for being so very much delayed on the write-up for this pre-Alliance War...

Hatchery Meddler Card Art by Vu Nguyen

Catchery Assassin – BWG Weekly Deck

Time for another Blood Warriors Guild Weekly deck: Catchery Assassin. This week, we looked at Assassin, which combines the elemental foundations of Mundus in Intelligence with the subtlety, precision and speed of Agility. Just going through the submissions showcases that Assassin seems to be one of the favorite classes of guild members. As always the competition only has one winning...


Midrange Redoran – BWG Weekly Deck

Another week, another Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Deck: this time we looked at House Redoran. Submissions included Doomcrag Redoran variants, Redoran Control, Tullius’ Vampires and Redoran Necromancer decks, to name a few. An interesting, wide-spread range of ideas, but there can only be one winner. And this week it was the Midrange Redoran build created by was Savos_Aren who goes...

Training Grounds

Dark Elf Tribunal: The Dark Elf Rises – BWG Weekly Deck

Dark Elf Tribunal-time: here is the next Blood Warriors Guild weekly deck! The Guild is holding a weekly, fun contest where members of all levels of experience can submit their decks against a guild-selected theme. This week, the challenge was to build a deck with the latest Monthly Reward Card Training Grounds. The Guild members take a few days to...


Doomcrag Warrior – BWG Weekly Deck

The Blood Warriors Guild weekly deck building competition (finally) took a shot at the Warrior class. Each week Guild Member votes on a class or house and members get creative and submit their decks. The submissions were very difficult to choose from, as Warrior is a very popular class. One winning deck emerged: and it’s Doomcrag Warrior, in a built...

Thadon, Duke of Mania

Mania Crusader – BWG Weekly Deck

It is time for another Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Deck. The guild’s challenge this week was to build a cool Isle of Madness Crusader deck. Many, many great submissions and one winning deck emerged: Midstorm’s Mania Crusader that is leveraging Thadon, the Duke of Mania. This deck is a mid-crusader with aggressive elements, spot removal, and self-healing through Drain. Deck...

Renegade Magister

Renegade SOS OTK Mage – BWG Weekly Deck

Welcome to another Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Decklist. It has been a little while since the holidays and the release of Isle of Madness, but we are back with a fun combo deck. This past week, guild members had to build a deck around Renegade Magister, the Monthly Reward Card for January 2019. There were a lot of great submissions...


Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck – Orca’s Factotum Archer

Happy Monday everybody! This week’s featured deck list is a Factotum/Conscription Archer list from orcagaming! This list combines the movement tricks and lethal pings of Archer with the snowballing juggernaut of the Factotum package and wraps it up nicely in a neutral draw and end game package featuring Namira’s Shrine, Journey to Sovngarde and Tullius’ Conscription. Here is a link...


Mid-range Tribunal – BWG Weekly Deck

Hail and Well Met to all you lovely Humans, Elves, and Beastfolk (and to those who are somewhere in-between)! Without further ado, this list was created by Savos_Aren (a recurring name) when the guild voted on Tribunal for the next list. Savos_Aren is an amazing aggro player with an intense, burning passion for Control Tribunal and this was his take...


Dwemer Harmony – Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Decklist

Hail friends! Welcome back to the Blood Warriors Guild’s Weekly Decklist. This week we have a rather spicy Mage deck from Holoir themed around Dwemer and featuring the new monthly reward card, Altmer Dragonknight. Hope you enjoy! You can find the link to the list on Legends-Decks here! Deck Overview: For the most part, this deck is going to handle...

Blood Warriors Guild

Sorcerer Beatdown Deck: Merlin, the Moose – Blood Warriors Guild Weekly

Hail and Well Met! The Blood Warriors Guild is back with another Weekly Deck for The Elder Scrolls Legends. This time we are proud to introduce you to Merlin, Moose Sorcerer, a classic mid-range beatdown deck. The guild members voted to design a Sorcerer deck with at least one card from the new FrostSpark Collection. By a clear margin, GicaForta won the competition...


Trick or Treat – Halloween Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met! This week, the Blood Warriors Guild is bringing you a theme – deck in time for Halloween! The guild ran another fun competition with Skeleton, Vampire and Mummy decks. In the voting, there was one clear winner: Chesthams Trick or Treat Unite the Houses Hlaalu deck is a lot of fun to play and also thematic...


A Life of Crime Scout – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met! The Blood Warriors Guild is back with another installment of the weekly deck! This week the Guild-vote landed on Scout, the most beautiful looking color-combo but that’s besides the point. After careful deck-building and a majority consensus we decided on a Slay and Pilfer list that provides consistent threats throughout all stages of the game. Here...


Shadow Shifter Monk – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met once again fellow Legends! The Blood Warriors Guild would like to apologise for the wait and the missing of the past two weeks decks. This was due to the new client arriving and the incidents good and bad it has caused. With any luck and a lot of good intentions, these decks should be submitted weekly...


Prophecy Burn – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met! The Blood Warriors Guild has returned with the Weekly Deck! This week is a little different; the Guild ran a challenge for the best budget list members could think of. Following the rules stated in the Budgeteer challenge, a Prophecy Burn Assassin (with 33 prophecies!) was voted by the Guild. Orangejuicenut was the awesome brain behind...


Combo, Wombo – Bam #3: Big Bad Betty – Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck

Hail and Well Met! The Blood Warriors Guild are back at it with another weekly deck, this time based around a really beautiful combo: Pure-Blood Elder and Betty Netch. You can find the deck here on legends-decks.com The Combo The combo is incredibly simple and allows the rest of the deck to be played in a controlling style without negatively impacting the deck...


Combo, Wombo – BAM: Sanguine’s Delight – BWG Weekly

Hail and Well Met Friends! The Blood Warriors Guild presents it’s latest collaboration effort. With the dark blessing of a Daedric Prince, the powerful, the spectacular SANGUINE’S DELIGHT! The idea behind the deck is rather simple: stick a big creature (Vigilant Giant has been lovingly placed in this list, and Aspect of Hircine decided to join in on the fun) and on the...