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Budget Token Empire

Sav0s_Aren has brought us another powerful budget deck: Budget Token Empire. This token deck includes the latest great common and rare cards from Moons of Elsweyr and has been updated on 25-Oct-2019 for Jaws of Oblivion. A budget deck costs under 10,000 soul gems when crafted and runs only must-have cards, not niche ones. These must-have cards, like Divine Fervor,...


Budget Token Guildsworn

Sav0s_Aren is brewing on some additional budget decks. A first option leveraging the latest Alliance War cards is Budget Token Guildsworn. This token deck leverages classic elements from Mage and Crusader tokens and blends them into a powerful Guildsworn deck. (Note, it has been updated on 25-Oct-2019 to reflect the additional new expansions Moons of Elsweyr and Jaws of Oblivion)....

Budget Decks - Tiny Dragons

Budget Decks for The Elder Scrolls Legends (Update 25-Oct-2019)

Decklists for Budget Decks are a great way to kick-start your Elder Scrolls Legends experience. Budget decks are a great way for new starters to gain experience with the game and to climb the ranks in Ranked Play. Additionally, they can be used to grind Soul Gems against the Expert AI to acquire more cards. (Important note: Article updated on...