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Ashlander Punisher

Ashlander Punisher – Uses and Synergies

Ashlander Punisher is the Monthly Reward Card for December 2018. Bethesda kicks-off 2019 for their Elder Scrolls Legends franchise with an absolute blast of an Archer card. Before we look at the uses and synergies, let’s take a moment to admire the card art. Isn’t it absolutely stunning? That grey-skinned, pointy-eared Dark Elf is covering his mouth and nose because...


Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck – Orca’s Factotum Archer

Happy Monday everybody! This week’s featured deck list is a Factotum/Conscription Archer list from orcagaming! This list combines the movement tricks and lethal pings of Archer with the snowballing juggernaut of the Factotum package and wraps it up nicely in a neutral draw and end game package featuring Namira’s Shrine, Journey to Sovngarde and Tullius’ Conscription. Here is a link...


Combo, Wombo – Bam #4: Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher

You want to play a real sweet series of combos with super-fun interactions that will make you smile? Then you have to check out the combos in BloodDrunk007‘s Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher deck, that he worked on together with Chesthams (see his variation) and EdderBlue. The Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher combo deck works pretty well in the current meta, while that is...


Goblin Archer – An In-Depth Look

Today, I am going to be looking at a specific theme deck: Goblin Archer. This is an aggro Archer Deck (which means it combines the red Strength attribute with the green Agility attribute). The green Agility cards contain several Goblins, which can provide great synergy, when they fight together. Goblins, as you might know from any roleplaying experience, or reading...