Forgotten Hero Tutorial

When you start The Elder Scrolls Legends, you are required to select one of 10 races of the Elder Scrolls universe: Argonian, Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Khajit, Nord, Orc, Red Guard, or Wood Elf.

After this, you will start The Forgotten Hero tutorial that explores the game mechanics across the first act of the game story that introduces the Forgotten Hero legend. The whole story is told in 20 interesting missions divided in three acts.

In the story you play with different decks that are later added to your collection. Certain cards will be automatically added to these decks as you progress, and the deck can be edited if you want.

  • You play with the Band of Survivors deck throughout Act I, but you can edit it after completing the Deck Building tutorial at the start of the Swims-at-Night mission,
  • Completing the Swims-at-Night mission rewards a Scout deck called ‘Black Marsh Smugglers‘,
  • Completing The Rescue mission, rewards an Assassin deck called ‘Dunmer Avengers‘,
  • Completing the mission A Fractured Legion, rewards a Spellsword deck called ‘Imperial Might‘, and
  • Completing The Showdown rewards a Battlemage deck called ‘Warriors of Hammerfell‘.

At some points of the story you are given the chance to decide between two paths. Depending on what you choose you will get a copy of a card that is added to the current deck you are playing with. Don’t worry, the card you don’t choose can be obtained from packs or be crafted.

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