Moons of Elsweyr


Moons of Elsweyr was released on June 27th, 2019! Moons of Elsweyr is the 4th card pack expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends. The set relates to the events unfolding in The Elder Scrolls Online, the Season of the Dragon and the Elsweyr DLC (see the official Bethesda announcement).

The Khajiit homeland is in turmoil as Imperial forces, led by Euraxia Tharn, occupy the city of Rimmen and have begun spreading their influence throughout Elsweyr. Things become more dire as ancient dragons are unleashed upon the land with devastating machinations all their own.

Moons of Elsweyr contains over 77 new cards, including a host of Khajiit across all attributes. Additionally, the expansion will also provide new in-game music tracks, preconstructed theme decks, new card mechanics and a new playmat.

Moons of Elsweyr – Playmat. Image source: Bethesda has collected all you need to know about Moons of Elsweyr, here. You will find some general information and a more detailed looks at the new cards and mechanics. This page is updated frequently, so please check back often, as the content is growing!

  1. General Information about the expansion
  2. The Official Trailer
  3. The New Game Mechanics
  4. Overview of Cards
  5. In-Depth Card Reviews  (selected cards, work in progress)
  6. Pre-Constructed Decks in Moons of Elsweyr
  7. Titles & Card Backs in Moons of Elsweyr – A few tips & tricks on how to earn them (coming soon)

1. General Information about Moons of Elsweyr

Moons of Elsweyr pre-order bundle. Image source: Bethesda

The Moons of Elsweyr will release on June 27, 2019. A pre-order bundle is currently available in the in-game Legends store for $49.99. You will receive 50 packs and a Legendary card from Moons of Elsweyr when it releases. In addition you will unlock the exclusive Bearer of the Wrathstone title and a premium Wrathstone card back right away.

Elder Scolls Online – Cross Promotion & Dragonstone card back. Image source: Bethesda

In addition, a special promotion is available from June 11 to June 24: Play The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr to receive 15 Moons of Elsweyr packs and an exclusive Dragonstone card back in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. To be eligible for this offer, players will need to own The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr and log in once between June 11 to June 24. If this is your first time playing Legends, you’ll also need to register for a account to claim your reward. Expect to receive your rewards June 27 – just in time for the release of Moons of Elsweyr!

2. The Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer.

3. New Game Mechanics

The Khajiit are closely connected to the twin moons orbiting Tamriel. Their lunar phases play a key role in one of the new mechanics.

Wax and Wane

Moons of Elsweyr - New card Moonphase Suthay with Wax & Wane mechanic
When Moonphase Suthay enters play during odd turns, he gains +1/+1 and Drain. When entering play on an even turn, Moonphase Suthay draws a card. Image source: Bethesda.

Cards (Khajiit?) with wax-and wane-power enter play with one of two abilities dictated by the ‘waxing’ and ‘waning’ phases of the moons. These phases change at the end of each of your turns, so timing is key! One odd turns (1, 3, 5, 7, …), a card with this power gains their waxing benefits. However, when the card enters play on even turns, the waning takes effect.


Moons of Elsweyr - New card Black Worm Neophyte with Consume mechanic
Black Worm Neophyte – When summoned you might Consume a creature of your choice (banish it from your discard pile) to summon a 1/1 Skeleton with the keywords of the consumed card. Image Source: Bethesda.

The second new mechanic in Moons of Elsweyr is Consume. This mechanic relates to the dark art of necromancy that runs unchecked amidst the unrest in Elsweyr. With Consume, you can remove a card in your discard pile from the game to gain advantages as stated on the Necromancer.

The following articles look a little deeper at the mechanics.

The Consume Mechanic and the Imbued in The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Consume Mechanic and the Imbued in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Moons of Elsweyr introduces the consume mechanic to The Elder Scrolls Legends. With consume, you can remove a card in your discard pile from the game to gain advantages provided by your necromancers. Triggering the Consume Mechanic For this to work, you will simply need at least one creature in your discard pile when you play the necromancer. This can...

4. Overview of Cards

Card images are available here on The following sortable and searchable table shows a list of all cards in Moons of Elsweyr by attribute. The links over the card names take you to a reveal video or an article of the reveal.

Moons of Elsweyr - Card List

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Strength2Devouring FlameActionRare
Strength2Fear TotemActionCommon
Strength2Prowl SmugglerCreatureCommon
Strength3Euraxian BerserkerCreatureCommon
Strength 3Imbued MinotaurCreature Common
Strength3Rimmen Siege WeaponsSupportLegendary
Strength 4Enraged DragonknightCreatureRare
Strength4Flamespear DragonCreatureLegendary
Strength4War-Hardened SencheCreatureCommon
Strength6Senche GraveprowlerCreatureEpic
Strength6Senche NobleCreatureCommon
Strength7Pouncing SencheCreatureRare
Strength9MulaamnirCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Intelligence1Midnight TrespasserCreatureCommon
Intelligence2Frazzled AlfiqCreatureEpic
Intelligence2Khajiiti WarhelmItemRare
Intelligence2Wandering SkeletonCreatureCommon
Intelligence3Cartel ArcanistCreatureRare
Intelligence3Discerning ThiefCreatureCommon
Intelligence4Black Worm NeophyteCreatureEpic
Intelligence4Goutfang AdeptCreatureCommon
Intelligence4Grave GaspActionCommon
Intelligence5Imbued BretonCreatureCommon
Intelligence5VastarieCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Intelligence6Alfiq ConjurerCreatureLegendary
Intelligence6Glacial DragonCreatureLegendary
Intelligence7Skeletal MageCreatureRare
Willpower1Moon BishopCreatureCommon
Willpower1Rebel WardenCreatureCommon
Willpower2Smash and GrabAction Rare
Willpower2Wily Kee'vaCreatureCommon
Willpower3Alfiq IllusionistCreatureRare
Willpower3Be At PeacheActionCommon
Willpower3Imbued KhajiitCreatureCommon
Willpower4Cygnus Standard BearerCreatureLegendary
Willpower4Mercenary CaptainCreatureRare
Willpower4Shrewd StrategistCreatureEpic
Willpower5Monastic ChampionCreatureEpic
Willpower6Tenarr Zalviit LurkerCreatureCommon
Willpower8Queen‘s Captain Creature Legendary
Willpower12KaalgrontiidCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Agility1Imbued BosmerCreatureCommon
Agility2Slinking JackalCreatureCommon
Agility2Suthay BootleggerCreatureRare
Agility2Tenarr Zalviit NightstalkerCreatureRare
Agility3Moonphase SuthayCreatureCommon
Agility4Illicit ButcherCreatureCommon
Agility4 Mausoleum DelverCreatureEpic
Agility4Rebellion GeneralCreatureLegendary
Agility5Apex PredatorCreatureEpic
Agility5Cartel BruiserCreatureCommon
Agility5Corinthe BrawlerCreatureRare
Agility6Devious BanditCreatureLegendary
Agility6Whispering Claw StrikeActionCommon
Agility7Razum-DarCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Endurance 1Imbued Argonian Creature Common
Endurance 2Bone ArmorItemRare
Endurance2Dro-m’Athra ReaperCreatureLegendary
Endurance2Seeker of the Black ArtsCreatureCommon
Endurance3NIbenese MercenaryCreatureCommon
Endurance3Servant of Ja-Kha'JayCreatureCommon
Endurance4Moontouched GuardianKhajiitRare
Endurance4Ruin ShamblerCreatureEpic
Endurance5Bone WeaverCreatureEpic
Endurance5Fallen DragonCreatureCommon
Endurance6Zumog PhoomCreature Legendary (Unique)
Neutral1Cadwell the Soul ShrivenCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Neutral1Lunar SwayActionEpic
Neutral1Moon GateSupportCommon
Neutral2Crocodile BruteCreatureCommon
Neutral3Ill-fated ScholarCreatureLegendary
Monk5KhamiraCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Spellsword 9Euraxia TharnCreature Legendary (Unique)

5. In-Depth Card Reviews

In a series of articles, we will be looking at some selected cards in Moons of Elsweyr. If you would like to participate and write an in-depth review for the blog, please get in touch with Holoir / @BlogTESL on Twitter.

Dro-m’Athra Reaper – Uses and Synergies

Dro-m’Athra Reaper – Uses and Synergies

Moons of Elsweyr brings us Dro-m’Athra Reaper, a new legendary 3/2 Khajiit and Spirit in Endurance for 2 magicka. Revealed by Wita, the reaper comes with a powerful summon effect: Consume a creature. When a creature leaves your discard pile, Dro-m’Athra Reaper gains +0/+1 and you gain 1 health. The Khajiit spirit is the first creature that gets buffed and... ...

Euraxia Tharn – Uses and Synergies

Euraxia Tharn – Uses and Synergies

Euraxia Tharn – A Brief Look at the Lore Euraxia Tharn, the younger half-sister of Abnur Tharn, conquered Northern Elsweyr and the city of Rimmen during the Frostfall Coup. She is known in the region as the Usurper Queen, was a ruthless monarch who tortured the Khajiit citizens of Rimmen with stupid laws. She threatened to use the city’s own Siege Weapons against the... ...

Kaalgrontiid – Uses and Synergies

Kaalgrontiid – Uses and Synergies

Kaalgroontiid is a new powerful dragon in The Elder Scrolls Legends – Moons of Elsweyr. His name Kaal-gron-tiid means: Champion – Bind – Time. Kaalgrontiid and the ESO Lore When Abnur Tharn was attempting to decipher the two halves of the Wrathstone, he was looking for the location of a secret Demon weapon. He was hoping to find a weapon... ...

Razum-Dar – Uses and Synergies

Razum-Dar – Uses and Synergies

A Look at The Elder Scrolls Lore Razum-Dar is a Khajiit spy who was active during the Interregnum in the Second Era. He worked as a member of the Eyes of the Queen, a secret intelligence network that served Queen Ayrenn of the First Aldmeri Dominion. Raz built quite a reputation for himself as a wandering mercenary before he got... ...

Rimmen Siege Weapons – Uses and Synergies

Rimmen Siege Weapons – Uses and Synergies

Rimmen Siege Weapons is a new legendary support card in The Elder Scrolls Legends Moons of Elsweyr. A Look at Elder Scrolls Lore Rimmen, also known as Rim’kha in the Khajiit language, is the capital of the region Anequina, which is the major location in Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr. Leading up to the Elsweyr storyline, Euraxia Tharn conquered the... ...

6. Pre-constructed Theme Decks in Moons of Elsweyr

Two pre-constructed theme decks are available for $4.99 or 500 in-game gold. These theme decks are a good way of completing your card collection.

6.1 Zumog Phoom’s Ambition

The unique legendary Zumog Phoom is the star in Zumog Phoom’s Ambition. It’s a Consume Sorcerer build that showcases the consume mechanic and the imbued.

6.2 Khamira’s Rebellion

Moons of Elsweyr – Theme Deck: Khamira’s Rebellion

The Khajiit are the stars of Khamira’s Rebellion. It’s an aggressive Monk deck with a mix of pilfer creatures as well as plenty of options to experience the new Wax/ Wane mechanic.

7. Titles & Card Backs in Moons of Elsweyr

As with other expansions, there are a good number of new player titles and even two hidden titles to be earned. The title Bearer of the Wrathstone was only available by pre-ordering Moons of Elsweyr which also awarded the premium Wrathstone card back. Players who played The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr between June 11-24 received an exclusive Dragonstone card back.

To unlock all the other titles, has collated the following guide with decklists, tips and tricks to earn all Moons of Elsweyr titles.

Moons of Elsweyr Titles – A Guide with Decklists

Moons of Elsweyr Titles – A Guide with Decklists

It is time to look at the Moons of Elsweyr titles. The good news for all of us title hunters out there: Moons of Elsweyr comes with two amazing hidden titles. These are The Ursurpator and The Shriven. This article provides a full overview of titles with decklists, tips and tricks to unlock each one of them. The List of...

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