Monthly Rewards

The Monthly Rewards are cards that are rather difficult to acquire in The Elder Scrolls Legends. TESL is a great free-to-play game in which you can almost get your entire collection for free. You can play competitively on a budget and collect all cards exclusively by spending in-game gold and no real money. When you play in ranked play, you can earn a Monthly Rewards card every month by achieving a certain rank. The reward will change every month. However, if you missed a month in the past, the only way to obtain these is by spending Soul Gems.

How to acquire Monthly Rewards?

Upcoming Monthly Reward Cards

To obtain the current Monthly Rewards Card, you need to play against humans in Ranked Play every months. Don’t be afraid, it’s really not as difficult as you might think. Based on your achievements, the monthly rewards work as follows:

  • Achieve rank 9 to get one copy of the card.
  • Earn two copies of the card by achieving 5.
  • Achieve rank 1 to earn a full playset of the card.
  • Get into the top 1,000 Legends to earn a premium playset of the card.

Previously Released Reward Cards

To acquire any of the previously released monthly rewards you have to spend Soul Gems. You can get soul gems by:

  • soul trapping excess cards or cards you don’t need anymore,
  • successfully playing in Solo or Versus Arena,
  • playing against the computer AI in practice mode. For every win, you will earn 15 Soul Gems up to a maximum of 300 Soul Gems per day. You need to win 80 games to obtain a full playset of 3 copies. This might seem a lot, but because these AI games do not have a timer and you can start them on your commute or during lunch breaks and finish at a completely different time of the same day.
  • advancing your hero in rank or completing missions in story expansions.

But which Monthly Rewards to craft? Which ones are really valuable? Before we look at a list, let’s understand how to classify these cards by their competitive viability.

Tier Definitions

To classify the monthly rewards we are using the following tier definitions.

  • Tier 1: Central to a lot of competitive decks.
  • Tier 2: Central to exactly 1 or 2 competitive decks. I wouldn’t craft unless I wanted to specifically build towards a certain list.
  • Tier 3: Sees competitive play or is played in tier 1 and 2 decks but is replaceable. I wouldn’t prioritize crafting those.
  • Tier 4: The fun tier. Playable only if you are looking to build janky decks for the fun factor. Those cards haven’t seen any competitive play. I wouldn’t craft those unless I’m building towards a full collection.
  • Tier 5: Will probably never see play because it’s neither good nor particularly original to be fun.

Karakondzhul’s Monthly Rewards Tier List

The following table shows a list of all monthly reward cards with their tier assessment. DISCLAIMER: The assessments are all my (Karakondzhul) opinion and it’s okay if you have a full or nearly full collection and disagree on some of the ratings. This guide is aimed at new players who have no point of reference about what constitutes a good card but want to start building towards a collection. The cards within the tiers are ordered by magicka cost, not power level. This is a crafting guide – I tried to classify all the monthly reward cards based on how central they are to a deck rather than how overall good they are. Please consider the tier definitions.

Note, these ratings can change over time, as new cards are getting released. Use the column header to sort the cards, e.g. by date, tier or attribute. Use the search option to filter the table, e.g. by entering 2018 to see all cards from 2018.

Year/ MonthTierCard NameAttribute/ ClassMagicka CostDeck Type
2017/101Dushnikh Yal-ArcherStrength3Control
2017/091Emperor's BladeSpellsword4Midrange, Control
2019/071Sentinel ReclaimerIntelligence3Aggro
2017/031Sower of RevengeWarrior5Aggro & Midrange
2019/062Apprentice NecromancerSpellsword3Aggro
2017/122Black Hand MessengerAssassin3Control
2019/032Murkwater ScourgeAgility3Midrange
2019/082Old Salty's AssaultNeutral5Aggro
2018/103Altmer DragonknightMage3Aggro & Midrange
2018/123Ashlander PunisherArcher4Aggro & Midrange
2018/053Blackwood DistillerScout4Midrange & Control
2016/103Mechanical AllyNeutral3Aggro & Midrange
2019/093Prankster MageAssassin5Aggro & Midrange
2018/023Steam ConstructorNeutral2Aggro & Midrange
2017/073Ulfric's HousecarlCrusader4Aggro
2017/064Conjuration TutorIntelligence6Midrange & Control
2018/044Conjurer's SpiritWillpower3Control
2018/034Frostscale DragonBattlemage9Control
2016/094Hist GroveEndurance4Control
2017/054Protector of the ManeMonk5Midrange
2017/084Pure-Blood ElderEndurance7Control
2016/084Smuggler's HaulAgility6Combo
2017/014Stampede SentinelStrength6Midrange
2017/114Worm King's AgentSorcerer7Control
2016/115Battlereeve of DuskIntelligence6
2017/045Chaurus Breeding PitAgility10
2016/125Elsweyr LookoutWillpower3
2018/115Frenzied AlitStrength1
2017/025Heroic RebirthNeutral3
2019/055Hulking MummyEndurance4
2018/015Pack LeaderWillpower4
2018/065Prophet of BonesEndurance1
2019/015Renegade MagisterIntelligence5
2019/045Seasoned CaptainStrength4
2019/025Training GroundsNeutral4

We will be keeping this list up-to-date as new monthly rewards get released (last update: November 3, 2019). The earliest option to find information, is to watch the official Bethesda site, where new cards are announced in articles like this one for Sentinel Reclaimer.

Dushnikh Yal Archer

Dushnikh Yal Archer is one of the few support removal options in the red Strength attribute. She is very versatile, as she comes with guard and a ping effect. Dushnikh sees play in many decks in most eligible classes and houses and finds use in control.

Emperor’s Blade

Emperor’s Blade is frequently included in many Spellsword, Empire, Tribunal or Redoran decks to guard a lane, and to combine fighting for the board with the option to gain some life. While he has always been popular, he has seen an increased amount of play during the Moons of Elsweyr meta from July 2019 onwards.

Sower of Revenge

Sower of Revenge is one of the top cards in the game for aggro and mid-range warrior and House Redoran decks. His guard keyword protects you in aggro mirror matchups, his stats allow you to trade two for one, and he also deals 5 damage when his last gasp ability is triggered.

Apprentice Necromancer

Apprentice Necromancer can bring back 1-cost creatures from your discard pile. Although he cannot always be played on curve, he can pull back Mudcrab Merchant, Marked Man, Deepwood Trapper, Brutal Ashlander, Fiery Imp or another powerful 1-drops. He sees play in aggressive Redoran or Empire lists to bring down the curve of those decks considerably.

Black Hand Messenger

Black Hand Messenger is crucial for some Assassin or Telvanni control decks. He is less often played in Dagoth or Dominion decks. His ability to remove an early game creature and to gain life is already making him strong. But he is also a great betray- or self-sacrifice-target and a great card to be fetched back from discard pile with Odirniran Necromancer. Be prepared to acquire three copies of this card as well, if you want to make best use of Black Hand Messenger.

Murkwater Scourge

Murkwater Scourge is an important factor when using the Curse package to control the board. The Goblin is oftentimes run together with Leaflurker or Finish Off to remove single, big threats effectively. Since the curses he spawns are also zero cost cards there is good synergy for Swindler‘s Market combo decks as well.

Crafting Guide – The Could-Haves

Once you have the top 6, you can look at other legendary cards that help to explore more deck archeypes or to craft more Monthly Reward Cards. Most Monthly Reward Cards have been created to strengthen a certain theme or deck archetype. While this limits their use in it allows your to strengthen your decks following that particular theme or archetype.

Dwemer Decks – Mechanical Ally and Steam Constructor

Mechanical Ally and Steam Constructor are important to build good Dwemer decks. If you do not already have three copies of Halls of Dwemer, you can safely stay away from these two. However, if you want to build Dwemer deck, you will probably want to include at least one playset of these two – probably both. Dwemer decks can be build in any colour and the decks are very explosive and can get you very good win rates on the ladder.

Altmer Dragonknight

Altmer Dragonknight

Altmer Dragonknight is a card that works well in Mage and House Tribunal decks that are running a good mix of actions or action tutors. The Dragonknight can give you a lot of value over multiple turns if your opponent fails to remove him and is certainly a target for your opponent’s removal spells.

Ashlander Punisher

Ashlander Punisher is an aggressive card that increases in power the longer it fights. His breakthrough ability ensures that he keeps dealing face damage, even if your opponent puts smaller guards in your way. Combine this with his slay and pilfer +1/+0 buff and you very easily get a 7/2 after he slays a 2/3 Barrow Stalker.

Ulfric’s Housecarl

Monthly Reward Cards Ulfric's House Carl
Ulfric Housecarl

Ulfric’s Housecarl has always been a staple choice for card draw in Aggro Crusader. His popularity dipped with the rise of Ash Berserker since the release of Houses of Morrowind. However, since Ash Berserker got nerfed in Balance Patch 2.5, many consider him to be the better option again.

Magicka Ramp

Blackwood Distiller, Hist Grove and Pure-Blood Elder are options for Magicka Ramp control decks. Magicka ramp decks attempt to control the board and to increase your available magicka pool during this process, so that bigger threats can be played earlier.

Blackwood Distiller can be used actively to control the board. He will ramp your max magicka when he slays, and give you three additional magicka in the turn that he pilfers.

Hist Grove is a support that increases your max. magicka by one. It relies on other magicka ramp cards like Tree Minder, Spine of Eldersblood or Thorn Histmage to be successful. When you reach 15 magicka, Hist Grove will summon two 8/8 dragons which will usually allow to win the game.

Pure-Blood Elder is a strong finisher who will double any max magicka you gain. At 16 magicka, he doubles in power and health and you can usually use this for a big finishing swing. Magicka Ramp decks have been dominating the meta for a long time but see less play in more recent days.

Summary – Are the Monthly Rewards Worth It?

Over time, we have seen pretty strong Monthly Rewards. Between March and December 2017 we saw several competitively playable cards. During 2018, however, the designers shifted their focused to cards that would slightly promote synergies.

The 2018 cards incentivise to experiment with existing mechanics that were a little bit under-powerered. However, they didn’t push those far enough to become competitively viable. Many of the 2018 cards are fun, but do not really require you to spend soul gems on them.

So far during 2019, we are seeing slightly more powerful monthly rewards again with Apprentice Necromancer and Murkwater Scourge. At the moment, it definitely feels good to wait for the release of the monthly card. Let’s hope this trend continues and Sparkypants and Bethesda keep rewarding loyal players of the game with good new monthly rewards!

An In-Depth Look at Monthly Rewards

Over time, has looked at uses and synergies of a lot of monthly rewards cards. These articles are not so much written for competitive play, but are a general evaluation of the card using a method called quadrant theory. In addition, they provide a few suggestions regarding potential synergies you can leverage when building a deck to explore the card.

Champion of the Arena – Uses and Synergies

Champion of the Arena – Uses and Synergies

As we approach the end of the season, it’s time for another monthly reward card: Champion of the Arena. The 7-cost champion is a mighty orc and vampire with stats of 4/8, the breakthrough keyword, and a powerful summon effect: Battle an enemy creature. His summon ability provides you with immediate board impact, and his stats remove most early-game threats...

Old Salty’s Assault – Uses and Synergies

Old Salty’s Assault – Uses and Synergies

Old Salty’s Assault is the monthly reward card for August 2019. Bethesda continues to release cards that improve existing and underplayed archetypes to reward players for their monthly grind on the ladder. This month is no different. But rather than asking the question, “is this card good,” or “what archetype does this buff,” the most important question to ask right...

Sentinel Reclaimer – Uses & Synergies

Sentinel Reclaimer – Uses & Synergies

Sentinel Reclaimer is the monthly reward card for July 2019. For your success in ranked play last month, you were rewarded with a 3-cost 2/3 Redguard that puts two items into your hand with its summon ability: one the neutral 1-cost +1/+0 Steel Dagger, and the second the blue 2-cost +3/+0 Steel Sword. In total this gives you 6/3 in...

Murkwater Scourge – Uses & Synergies

Murkwater Scourge – Uses & Synergies

Murkwater Scourge is the Monthly Reward card for March 2019. It has been about a year since the Gobbos got some love from the Legends card designers. In fact, Goblins received a substantial downgrade after the Goblin Skulk nerf in patch 2.5 in December 2018. Now, we are getting a 4-cost 3/1 Goblin who puts up to two Curses into...

Training Grounds – Uses and Synergies

Training Grounds – Uses and Synergies

Training Grounds is the Monthly Reward card for February 2019. The 4-cost, neutral support card comes as an epic. The card comes with a buff-effect for tribal decks: When you summon a creature, give it +1/+1 if it shares a type with the top creature in your deck Training Grounds’ special ability If you made it into the top 1,000...

Ashlander Punisher – Uses and Synergies

Ashlander Punisher – Uses and Synergies

Ashlander Punisher is the Monthly Reward Card for December 2018. Bethesda kicks-off 2019 for their Elder Scrolls Legends franchise with an absolute blast of an Archer card. Before we look at the uses and synergies, let’s take a moment to admire the card art. Isn’t it absolutely stunning? That grey-skinned, pointy-eared Dark Elf is covering his mouth and nose because...

Frenzied Alit – Uses and Synergies

Frenzied Alit – Uses and Synergies

Frenzied Allit is the Monthly Reward card for November 2018 in The Elder Scrolls Legends. Frenzied Alit is another "flagellation" creature. It increases in power by +1/+0 when it takes damage.

Altmer Dragonknight – Uses, Synergies and Counterplays

Altmer Dragonknight – Uses, Synergies and Counterplays

Altmer Dragonknight is the Monthly Reward card for October 2018 in The Elder Scrolls Legends. Altmer Dragonknight is an epic 3-cost 3/2 High Elf from the Mage (blue/yellow) class that has a special effect when combined with actions: At the end of your turn, if you played an action, Altmer Dragonknight gains +2/+2. He relies on a very consistent amount of...

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