Tutors – Deck Building Reference Sheet for The Elder Scrolls Legends

This deck building reference sheet provides a comprehensive overview of all Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends. This includes both “real” Tutors, but also Pseudo-Tutors. Please refer to Tutors in TESL – The Basics for more information about the different types of Tutors, as we have defined them.

The following table has been reviewed a few times to spot any possible errors. If you still spot anything, please leave a comment here, so that we can keep the table correct and up-to-date.

You can use the Search box in the upper right corer to filter the list (e.g. “3 Strength” will give you all Tutors in the Strength attribute with 3 magicka; or “Atronach Pseudo” will give you all Atronach Pseudo Tutors). A more comprehensive discussion of the tutors will follow.

AttributeMag.TutorConditionEffectRNG?Tutor TargetUsesDraw vs SummonDiscard, Draw, Pseudo
Strength2Stormcloak VanguardLast gaspStormcloak Battalion (5/5) is put in handNoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Strength2Plunder (Action)NoneTwo items put in handYesItemOne-timeDrawPseudo
Strength3Raiding Party (Action)NoneTwo Nord Firebrands put in handNo0-cost card, CreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Strength3Skeever InfestationNoneSummons a Skeever in each lane and shuffles two copies of Skeever Infestation into deckNoSkeeverMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Strength4Alik'r SurvivalistSummonedSteel Dagger is put in handNoItemOne-timeDrawPseudo
Strength4Imposter's Mission (Action)NoneSummon an Imposter with power and health equal to most powerful creatureYesCreature-CopyingOne-timeSummonPseudo
Strength4Inspiring StormcloakLast GastSummon a 2/2 Rallying Stormcloak in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Strength4Stormcloak AverngerThree or more creatures died by the end of your turnSummon a Rallying Stormcloak (2/2)NoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Strength5Battlefield ScroungerSlaysRandom item put into handYesItemMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Strength5Fletcherfly GolemTakes damageSummon a Fletcherfly Swarm (2/2)NoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Strength5Markath BannermanAttacksTwo Nord Firebrands put to handNo0-cost card, CreatureMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Strength5Ulfric StormcloakPlay a ShoutDraw random Nord from deckYesNordMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
Strength6Skar DrillmasterRally a creatureCopy of rallied creature is put to handNoCreature-Copying Multiple timesDrawPseudo
Intelligence0Daggers in the Dark (Action)NoneEquip Steal Dagger to a random creature in each laneNoItemOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence1Crown QuartermasterSummonedSteel Dagger is put in handNoItemOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence2Abecean NavigatorIf top deck is an actionDraw top-deck action, or put card on bottom of deckYesActionOne-timeDrawDraw deck
Intelligence2Dunmer NightbladeLast GaspIron Sword put to handNoIron SwordOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence2Falling WizardLast GaspExperimental Scroll put to handYesExperimental ScrollOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence2High Rock SummonerSummonAtronach put into handYesAtronachOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence2Seyda Neen CourierSummonEquip Steel Sword (+3/+0) to creatureNoItemOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence2Soul Split (Action)Sacrifice a creatureSummon a 3/2 Sundered Shade in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence2 (6)Temple ConjurerExalt +4Summon a 5/3 Fire AtronachNoAtronachOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence3Brilliant Experiment (Action)NoneDraw a copy of a friendly creatureNoCreature-Copying One-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence3Cunning AllySummoned, with blue card as top deckFirebolt is put in handNoActionOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence3Daggerfall MageWard is brokenTome of Alteration is put in handNoItemOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence3Dark RebirthSacrifice a creatureSummon a copy of the sacrificed creatureNoCreature-Copying One-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence3Dark Rift (support)Deal 5 damage by Dark RiftSummon a Storm AtronachNoAtronachOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence3Desperate ConjuringSacrifice a creatureSummon a random creature that costs two moreYesCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence3Enamor's KeeperExalt +5Equip Heirloom Greatsword to Enamor's KeeperNoItem One-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence3Excavate (Action)NoneDraw an item or support from discard pileNoItem or SupportOne-timeDrawDiscard pile
Intelligence3Revealing the Unseen (Action)NoneTwo Actions put to handYesActionOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence3Shalk FabricantSummoned, with Neutral card in playRandom Action put to handYesActionOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence3Telvanni ArchanistLast GaspRandom Action put to handYesActionOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence4Breton ConjurerWard is brokenSummon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with GuardNoAtronachOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence4Corsair ShipSummoned; and a creature is summonedSummon a 1/1 Corsair. Equip each creature summoned with a Steel DaggerNoItemMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Intelligence4Ice WraithAt start of your turnIce Spike is put to handNoActionMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Intelligence4J'ZargoSummonExperimental Scroll put to handYesExperimental ScrollOne-timeDrawPseudo
Intelligence6Conjuration ScholarSummonSummons a 5/5 Frost Atronach with GuardNoAtronachOne-timeSummonPseudo
Intelligence6Conjuration TutorWhen summoning an AtronachA copy of the Atronach is summoned in the other laneNoAtronachMultiple-timesSummonPseudo
Intelligence6Genius PathmageSummonSummon a random creature from
deck with cost equal to current magicka.
YesCreatureOne-timeSummonDraw deck
Intelligence6Master of ArmsSummonEquips two highest cost items from your discard pileNoItemOne-timeSummonDiscard pile
Intelligence7Mages Guild RetreatAt end of each turn, if you played two actionsSummon a random AtronachYesAtronachMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Intelligence7WispmotherWhen summoning a creature that costs 2 or lessSummon a copy of that creature in the other laneNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Intelligence9LaanethSummonDraw a card from your deckNoAny CardOne-timeDrawDraw deck
Intelligence9Sotha SilAt the end of turn, if you have an exalted creature in playSummon an Awakened ImperfectNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Intelligence10Speaker TerenusAfter you play an actionRandom action put to handYesActionMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Intelligence11Divath FyrAt start of your turnSummon a Daugther of FyrNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower0Illusory Defenses (Action)NoneSummon a 0/5 Illusory Wall in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower1Marked ManSummon0/2 Makeshift Defenses put in hand NoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Willpower1Scouting Patrol (Action)NoneSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower2Crassius' Favor (Action)NoneSummon two 1/1 Imperial GruntNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower3Conjurer's Spirit (Support)If you gained healthSummon a 2/2 Familiar at the end of the turnNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower3Pack WolfSummonSummon a 1/1 Young Wolf in the other laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower3Reonstruction Engine (Support)Activate (3 Uses)Give a friendly creature -1/-1 and summon a 1/1 Reconstructed SpiderNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower3Thalmor JusticiarAfter playing an actionSummon a 1/1 Thalmor SoldierNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower3Two-Moons Contemplation (Support)If your opponent does not damage you on their turnSummon a Priest of the Moons in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower4Imperial Camp (Support)Summon1/2 Septim Guardsman put to handNoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Willpower4Imperial Reinforcements (Action)NoneFill a lane with 1/1 Imperial Grunts. NoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower4Kagouti FabricantNeutral card in playSummon a copy of Kagouti Fabricant in other laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower4Legate RikkeImperial summonedSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in the other laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower4Moonmoth CastellanPlotRandom Guard put to hand.YesCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Willpower4Shivering ApothecarySummonSummon a random elixir.YesElixirOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower5Chanter of AkatoshAn action is playedSummon random creature with same cost as actionYesCreatureMultiple timesSummonDraw deck
Willpower5Dagi-raht MysticPilfersDraw random supportYesSupportMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
Willpower5Haafingar MarauderWhen a friendly creature destroys an enemy runeEquip creature with a random itemYesItemMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower5Imperial Might (Support)NoneAt the end of turn, summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt.NoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower5Kwama QueenPlotSummon a 1/1 Kwama Forage in each lane.No CreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower5Phalanx ExemplarWhen opponent draws a prophecy from a rune being destroyed1/2 Septim Guardsman put to handNoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Willpower6Golden SaintWhen summoned, If you have more health than opponentSummon a copy of Golden Saint in the other laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower6Wolf CageActivate (3 Uses)Summon an Uncaged WolfNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Willpower7Jarl BalgruufSummonSummon a Stormcloak Skirmisher in left, and a Colovian Trooper in right laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower7Renowned LegateSummonSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt NoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Willpower8A Land Divided (Action)NoneFill left lane with Stormcloak Skirmishers or NoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility1Morag Tong AspirantSlaySummon a copy of Morag Tong AspirantNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility2Cog CollectorPilferSummon a random neutral creature with cost equal to number of gears on Cog CollectorYesCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility2Goblin SkulkPilferRandom 0-cost card to handYes0-cost cardMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
Agility2Leafwater Blessing (Item)When you gain healthDraw Leafwater Blessing from discard pileNoActionMultiple timesDrawDiscard pile
Agility2Suran PawnbrokerPlotRandom 0-cost card to handYes0-cost cardOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility3AstridFriendly Lethal creature slaysCompleted Contract put to handNo0-cost card,
Magicka gain
Multiple timesDrawPseudo
Agility3Brotherhood SlayerSlayCompleted Contract put to handNo0-cost card,
Magicka gain
Multiple timesDrawPseudo
Agility3Eldergleam MatronSummonRandom Animal put into handYesCreature, AnimalOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility3Murkwater GuideTreasure Hunt: 0-cost cardCopy of 0-cost card put into handNo0-cost cardOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility4Deshaan AvengerLast GaspSummon a 3/3 Deshaan SneakNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility4Murkwater ShamanAt start of turnCurse put into handNoCurseMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Agility4Swims-At-NightSummonRandom 0-cost card put into handYes0-cost cardOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility4Camoran Scout LeaderWounded enemy creature in laneSummon a 2/2 Wood Elf Scout with ChargeNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility5Fleeting Apparition (Action)NoneSummon a random creature that costs 3 or less to a random lane. Unsummon at end of turn.YesCreatureMultiple times (Betray)SummonDraw deck
Agility5Telvanni Oathman1. Blue Intelligence card in play.
2. Purple Endurance card in plany
1. Draw random action from deck.
2. Summon a Risen Dead in each lane
1. Yes
2. No
1. Action
2. Creature
One-time1. Draw
2. Summon
1. Draw deck
2. Pseudo
Agility6Sails-Through-StormsPilferSummon the top creature of deckYesCreatureMultiple timesSummonDraw deck
Agility6Smuggler's Haul (Action)NoneFour random 0-cost card put into hand.Yes0-cost cardOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility6Wild BeastcallerSummonSummon a random AnimalYesCreature, AnimalOne-time SummonPseudo
Agility7Dovah of the VoiceLast GaspRandom Shout put into handYesShoutOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility7Spider Lair (Support)At start of your turnSummon a random SpiderYesCreature, AnimalMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Agility7Spider DaedraSummonFill a lane with 2/1 SpiderlingsYesCreature, AnimalOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility9Cliff Racer OnslaughtNoneSummon a 4/4 Cliff Racer with Charge in each lane. Opponent summons guards.NoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility9Tazkad - the PackmasterLast GaspSummon a 4/4 DurzogNoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Agility10Chaurus Breeding Pit (Action)NoneSummon a Chaurus Reaper in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Agility10Nest of Vipers (Action)NoneFill a lane with Territorial VipersNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance0Vvardvark Experiments (Action)NoneSummon a 0/1 Vvardvark in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance1Deathless DraugrLast GaspSummon a 1/1 SkeletonNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance1 (6)Prophet of BonesExalt 5Fill this lane with 1/1 Risen Dead with GuardNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance2Ancient LookoutWhen summoning a DragonSummon a 1/1Dragon Sentry with GuardNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Endurance3Ancestral DeadSlaySummon a Risen DeadNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Endurance3Aundae Clan SorcererIf 3 or more creatures died this turnBlood Magic Spell put into hand at end of turnNoBlood Magic SpellMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Endurance3BrassiliskWhen Brassilisk takes damage and survivesSummon a copy of it in the other laneNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Endurance3Knight of GnisisSummon2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard is put into handNoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Endurance3Soul Tear (Action, Shout)NoneDraw a creature from discard pileNoCreatureOne-timeDrawDiscard pile
Endurance4Black Marsh WardenAt the end of your turnSummon a 1/1 Argonian Recruit. With 7+ max. magicka: Summon a 3/3 Argonian VeteranNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Endurance4Falkreath DefilerSlaySummon a creature from your discard pileNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonDiscard pile
Endurance4Hist Grove (Support)At the end of your turn, if you have 15 or more max magickaSummon a Swamp Leviathan in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance4Midnight Sweep (Action)NoneSummon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance4Northpoint CaptainSummonSummon a 0/4 Northpoint Herald with GuardNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance4Rising of Bones (Action)NoneSummon a 3/3 Risen Horror with GuardNoCreatureMultiple times (Betray)SummonPseudo
Endurance6Black Worm NecromancerSummon: If you have more health than your opponentSummon a random creature from your discard pileYesCreatureOne-timeSummonDiscard pile
Endurance6Odirniran NecromancerSummonSummon a creature from your discard pile with less power than Odi. Necrom. YesCreatureOne-timeSummonDiscard pile
Endurance7Bone ColossusSummonFill a lane with 1/1 SkeletonsNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Endurance8Skeletal DragonLast GaspDraw a random creature from discard pileYesCreatureOne-timeDrawDiscard pile
Endurance9Blood Magic LordSummon and SlayRandom Blood Magic Spell is put in handYesBlood Magic SpellMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Endurance9Night Talon LordSlaySummon the slain creatureNoCreatureMultiple timesSummonPseudo
Endurance10GravesingerAt start of your turnSummon the highest cost creature from your discard pile and give it ChargeYesCreatureMultiple timesSummonDiscard pile
Neutral1Gearwork SpiderSummonSummon all Gearwork Spiders from discard pileNoCreatureOne-timeSummonDiscard pile
Neutral1Mudcrab MerchantSummonChoose one of two cards. Give other to opponent.YesCardOne-timeDrawPseudo
Neutral2Forsworn LooterPilferDraw a random item from deck equal to Forsworn Looter's powerYesItemMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
Neutral2Steam ConstructorNeutral card in handSummon a 1/1 Reconstructed SpiderNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral2Stolen Pants (Item)Summon
Summon a 0/1 Sheepish Dunmer in the other lane. Last Gasp: Give Stolen Pants to Sheepish DunmerNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral3Mechanical AllyIf the top card of your deck is NeutralSummon a Spider Worker NoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral3Silent PilgrimSummonDraw a random multi-attribute card from deckYesMulti-attribute CardOne-timeDrawDraw deck
Neutral3Treasure MapIf the wielder has Treasure HuntDraw something the wielder is hunting forYesTreasure HuntOne-timeDrawPseudo
Neutral3Yagrum BagarnSummonDraw a Dwemer from discard pile and give it +2/+2NoCreature, DwemerOne-timeDrawDiscard pile
Neutral3Young DragonbornWhen Young Dragonborn slays a dragonRandom Shout is put into handYesShoutMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Neutral4Greybeard MentorSummonDraw a random Shout from deckYesShoutOne-timeDrawDraw deck
Neutral4Slaughterfish Spawning (Action)NoneSummon a Slaughterfish in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral5BarbasSummon. Choose FetchRandom Daedra is put into handYesDaedraOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral5Prized ChickenLast GaspFill lane with 1/1 Angry VillagersNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral5Stronghold EradicatorLast GaspTwo random Dwemer put into handYesCreature, DwemerOne-timeDrawPseudo
Neutral6Altar of Despair (Support)Sacrifice a creatureSummon a creature that costs 1. Than increase the cost this summons by 1.YesCreatureMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
Neutral6Brass ArquebassLast GaspDraw three different 1-cost creatures from deckYes1-cost creatureOne-timeDrawDraw deck
Neutral6Halls of the Dwemer (Support)Summon0/3 Dwarven Spider with Guard is put to handNoCreatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Neutral6Orb of Vaermina (Support)Activate (3 Uses)Draw a copy of a random creature from opponent's deckYesCreatureMultiple timesDrawOpponent's draw deck
Neutral7Dwarven CenturionWhen Dwarven Centurion takes damage 0/3 Dwarven Spider with Guard is put into handNoCreatureMultiple timesDrawPseudo
Neutral8MecinarSummonStitch together the top 2 creatures from your and opponent's deck and put into your handYesCreatureOne-timeDrawDraw deck, Opponent's draw deck
Neutral11Dwarven ColossusSummonSummon a Power Sphere in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Neutral11Tullius' ConscriptionNoneSummon one of each creature from your deck that costs 2 or lessYesCreatureOne-timeSumonDraw deck
Neutral12PaarthunaxSummonThree random Shouts put into handYesShoutOne-timeDrawPseudo
Neutral20AlduinAt the start of your turnSummon a random dragon from your discard pileYesDragonMultiple timesSummonDiscard pile
Spellsword3Spellsword Summoning (Action)NoneSummon a random 1-cost creature in each laneYes1-cost creatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Spellsword6General TulliusSummonSummon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard in each laneNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Battlemage4Battlemage Onslaught (Action)NoneRandom action, item and creature put into handYesAction, item, creatureOne-timeDrawPseudo
Battlemage7Merric-at-AswalaSummonEquip each creature with a random itemYesItemOne-timeSummonPseudo
Assassin4Sadras AgentLast GaspSummon a 2/1 Mournhold Traitor with GuardNoCreatureOne-timeSummonPseudo
Mage5AyrennSummonDraw a random action from discard pileYesActionOne-timeDrawDiscard pile
Warrior5Militant ChieftainSummonDraw a random Orc from discard pileYesOrcOne-timeSummonDiscard pile
Warrior6Gortwog gro-NagormAt the start of your turnSummon a random creature from your deck to a random laneYesCreatureMultiple timesSummonDraw deck
House Redoran3Bolvyn VenimWhen you Rally with no creatures in handfirst draw Bolvyn Venim from your draw deckNoCreatureMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
House Hlaalu5Duke Vedam DrenFirst time you play a card each turnDraw a random card from deck, with cost equal to remaining magickaYesCardMultiple timesDrawDraw deck
House Telvanni5Sun-In-ShadowPermantly shackle another creatureDraw an action of your choice from your deckNoActionOne-timeDrawDraw deck
House Telvanni9Divath's Experiment (Action)NoneSummon a copy of a friendly creatureNoCreatureMultiple times (Betray)SummonPseudo
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