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Deck Tech: Stealer of Secrets Control

1 Introduction In our deck tech series, we are taking an in-depth look at one particular type of deck. This time we will look at control decks, centered around Stealer of Secrets as a finisher. These decks are sometimes known as SoS control decks, or simply SoS decks. In this article, you will learn about the game plan, and critical...


Various thoughts regarding battling and battles

Greetings, people of Tamriel! I am Empire Oathman, a 4 Magicka source of power and health for the strong-willed and agile. This Hearthfire I wanted to try and seize the first Legend rank, commonly known as #1. Commanders who have maintained this position when the season ends are known as the best of the best, the most terrifying opponents you...


Play Around Prophecies #2: Prophecies by Attribute – Know Your Opponent

This second article in our Playing Around Prophecies series for new Legends players will look at the prophecies by attribute. Knowing the prophecies your opponent might be running allows you to make better sequencing decisions for your plays and attacks. This can increase your win rate and success in Legends. In the first article of the series, we looked at...


An Attempt to Find Alfiq Conjurer Counter-Play in TESL

Alfiq Conjurer undoubtedly is the most powerful card in the Moons of Elsweyr expansion. Midrange decks are back on the ladder. Midrange battlemage is at tier 1 and variations of that deck in tri-color dominate the meta. What can yellow-based decks in crusader, monk, spellsword or Empire do to compete? Before we attempt to find counter-play options, let’s briefly look...


Play Around Prophecies and Runes #1 – The Basics

How do I play around prophecies? You’ve asked yourself that question when facing a Prophecy Battlemage deck. Maybe you’ve asked it when you lost a race in an aggro mirror match up. You’ve asked it when you couldn’t play around that last rune break which triggered a Piercing Javelin and made you lose. The prophecy mechanic is conceptually at the...


The Consume Mechanic and the Imbued in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Moons of Elsweyr introduces the consume mechanic to The Elder Scrolls Legends. With consume, you can remove a card in your discard pile from the game to gain advantages provided by your necromancers. Triggering the Consume Mechanic For this to work, you will simply need at least one creature in your discard pile when you play the necromancer. This can...

Market Archer Swindlers Market

Burn Assassin Counter-Play

The Alliance War expansion made an older deck archetype very consistent: Market Assassin (often also referred to as Burn Assassin) and Market Archer. In particular, the rise in consistency and popularity of the deck can be attributed to Spoils of War, Forked Bolt and to Debilitate (to some degree). The idea of these decks is straightforward: get one or more...


How to Counter-Play Falkreath Defiler

How do you counter-play Falkreath Defiler? The Imperial is a key card of control decks like Ramp/ Rage-Warrior and Ramp/Rage-Ebonheart. The Ramp/Rage decks currently see a tremendous amount of play on the ladder across all ranks due to their amazing late game. While Falkreath Defiler is not the deck’s sole win condition, the Imperial plays a pivotal role in fetching...

Veteran effect - Mournhold Taskmaster Card Art

The Veteran Effect in The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Alliance War expansion introduces the veteran effect to The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The veteran effect of a creature triggers after it survives its first attack. The mechanic is designed to promote a proactive game plan. It aims to use creatures to fight for the board or to go face, alternatively. The mechanic supports beat down strategies within aggressive or...

Piercing Javelin - Prophecy

The Prophecy Mechanic

The prophecy mechanic is one that allows some cards to be played for free during the opponent’s turn; similar to Instant/Flash spells in Magic: the Gathering, but still different in their own way.


The Expertise Mechanic in The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Alliance War expansion introduces the Expertise mechanic to The Elder Scrolls Legends. Expertise is a mechanic associated with The Guildsworn (attributes Strength, Intelligence, Willpower – Red/ Blue/ Yellow), a faction that combines the Mage Guild and the Fighters Guild. They are independent of all other Alliance War factions, although the other factions and Houses can actively involve the expertise...

Mobilize keyword

The Mobilize Keyword

The Alliance War expansion introduces the Mobilize keyword to The Elder Scrolls Legends through several item cards. Mobilize is associated with the Daggerfall Covenant (attributes Strength, Intelligence, Endurance (= red, blue, purple), a faction that loves to defeat their foes with powerful enchanted weapons, engages in legendary armor and is home to some of the most skilled blacksmiths in all...

Empower Mechanic

The Empower Mechanic in The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Empower mechanic is introduced with the Alliance War expansion. Empower is the mechanic predominantly used by the Aldmeri Dominion (Intelligence, Willpower and Agility – blue, yellow, green). Next to the Dominion, Empower will also be accessible for Assassin, Mage and Monk decks. Here is the definition of Empower: When your opponent takes damage, actions with Empower increase in effect...


The Elder Scrolls: Legends - A Deeper Analysis of Doomcrag Warrior

Doomcrag Warrior is one of the most feared tournament decks in TESL. Despite the deck’s high skill demand, many players try their luck at it. Doomcrag Warrior decks started out as a basic idea, but a group of two or three people fleshed this idea out. Doomcrag Warrior is a combo deck that requires immense skill and game knowledge to...


Double Cards in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Double Cards are debuting as a new mechanic in Legends in the story expansion Isle of Madness. Bethesda has explained these in an FAQ on Reddit with further clarifications in a longer thread. To save you some detective work, this article attempts to explain the mechanic on a basic level with a few examples. Disclaimer: since Double Cards have not...

Lane choice in TESL

Strategic Lane Choice in The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Mastering Lane Choice is key to winning in The Elder Scrolls Legends. Lanes are a feature unique to a couple games, including TESL. Standard lane placement is a field lane and a shadow lane. There have been numerous arena events which introduced other lane effects, but I’m just going to talk about standard lane placement, and strategies. In the field...


Aggro, Midrange, Control – The Ways and Means of Archetypal Match-ups

As a new player, you will have heard something about Aggro, Midrange, Control and Combo decks as being the different deck archetypes. In the Blood Warriors Guild, we are running a coaching section for new and experienced players. Recently, we discussed a few questions on the different match-ups: What are good match-ups against each archetype? Like what beats aggro, what...


Beatdown Decks in Detail – Being Aggro

Beatdown decks are one of key deck types in almost any collectible card game. The idea is simple and everyone is supposed to know how to play these decks. You play creature, after creature, after creature and go face with them to beatdown your opponent’s life points turn after turn after turn. That’s what everyone thinks. But there is a...


Three Ways to Create Card Advantage in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Card advantage in The Elder Scrolls Legends? Why should you care? Is this just another one of those card game theory articles? A card game like The Elder Scrolls Legends is about fun. Isn’t it enough to play the game? Do you have to read about the theory? Yes, sure, all very valid questions. And if card game theory is...


How to Play Around Unstoppable Rage?

In The Elder Scrolls Legends you always need to be prepared to meet an Unstoppable Rage, whenever you are playing against a midrange- or control-type deck that involves the red Strength attribute. The epic 8 cost action Unstoppable Rage is a very powerful card in the game, as it has a huge effect. To learn how we can play around it,...


Unique Card Interactions in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Heatfireash has analysed a few interesting card interactions for The Elder Scrolls Legends on his YouTube channel. The concept for these YouTube videos is very unique and I haven’t seen it anywhere else, yet. He is setting up a hypothesis of how cards interact, takes a lot of time to set-up a test scenarios and plays these through, so we...


How to counter Tullius’ Conscription?!

These days, when you play on The Elder Scrolls Legends ranked “ladder”, the current “meta” contains many decks making use of Tullius’ Conscription. This article has advice on how to counter this powerful card. Since there were many decks played at the 2018 Master Series Tournament Finale, I believe the meta will see even more of these decks being tried...


How to counter Journey to Sovngarde?!

When you play on The Elder Scrolls Legends ranked “ladder”, these days, the current “meta” contains many decks making use of Journey to Sovngarde. This article tells you how to play around it! Let’s look at the card first! Journey to Sovngarde is a unique action that reads: “Shuffle all creatures from your discard pile into your deck, and give...