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Play Around Prophecies #2: Prophecies by Attribute – Know Your Opponent

This second article in our Playing Around Prophecies series for new Legends players will look at the prophecies by attribute. Knowing the prophecies your opponent might be running allows you to make better sequencing decisions for your plays and attacks. This can increase your win rate and success in Legends. In the first article of the series, we looked at...


Play Around Prophecies and Runes #1 – The Basics

How do I play around prophecies? You’ve asked yourself that question when facing a Prophecy Battlemage deck. Maybe you’ve asked it when you lost a race in an aggro mirror match up. You’ve asked it when you couldn’t play around that last rune break which triggered a Piercing Javelin and made you lose. The prophecy mechanic is conceptually at the...


Moons of Elsweyr Titles – A Guide with Decklists

It is time to look at the Moons of Elsweyr titles. The good news for all of us title hunters out there: Moons of Elsweyr comes with two amazing hidden titles. These are The Ursurpator and The Shriven. This article provides a full overview of titles with decklists, tips and tricks to unlock each one of them. The List of...


Karakondzhul’s Legendary Crafting Guide (Update 25-Oct-2019)

UPDATED: OCT-25, 2019 (Jaws of Oblivion) DISCLAIMER: This article is all my (Karakondzhul) opinion and it’s okay if you have a full or nearly full collection and disagree on some of the ratings. This guide is aimed at new players who have no point of reference about what constitutes a good card but want to start building towards a collection....


How to Build Your Card Collection in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Have you recently started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends? Have you finished the tutorial and now want to know how best to build your card collection? Do you want to know which story expansions to buy in which order, or if you should play solo or versus arena? Where to spend your gold? Let us answer all of these questions...

Budget Decks - Tiny Dragons

Budget Decks for The Elder Scrolls Legends (Update 25-Oct-2019)

Decklists for Budget Decks are a great way to kick-start your Elder Scrolls Legends experience. Budget decks are a great way for new starters to gain experience with the game and to climb the ranks in Ranked Play. Additionally, they can be used to grind Soul Gems against the Expert AI to acquire more cards. (Important note: Article updated on...


Double Cards in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Double Cards are debuting as a new mechanic in Legends in the story expansion Isle of Madness. Bethesda has explained these in an FAQ on Reddit with further clarifications in a longer thread. To save you some detective work, this article attempts to explain the mechanic on a basic level with a few examples. Disclaimer: since Double Cards have not...


Monthly Reward Cards: Crafting Guide

In The Elder Scrolls Legends Monthly Reward Cards are difficult to acquire. TESL is a great free-to-play game and with enough time and energy you can almost get your entire collection for free. You can even play competitively on a budget, earning all your cards exclusively by spending in-game gold and no real money. When you play in ranked play,...

Lane choice in TESL

Strategic Lane Choice in The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Mastering Lane Choice is key to winning in The Elder Scrolls Legends. Lanes are a feature unique to a couple games, including TESL. Standard lane placement is a field lane and a shadow lane. There have been numerous arena events which introduced other lane effects, but I’m just going to talk about standard lane placement, and strategies. In the field...


Beatdown Decks in Detail – Being Aggro

Beatdown decks are one of key deck types in almost any collectible card game. The idea is simple and everyone is supposed to know how to play these decks. You play creature, after creature, after creature and go face with them to beatdown your opponent’s life points turn after turn after turn. That’s what everyone thinks. But there is a...


Premium Art Cards in The Elder Scrolls Legends

You have heard about the new premium card art in the new client of The Elder Scrolls Legends? You are wondering if and when you should keep these kind of cards? Maybe you are considering to extend your collection of premium cards and want to learn some strategies on how to do this most cost efficiently?