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Euraxia Tharn – Uses and Synergies

Euraxia Tharn – A Brief Look at the Lore Euraxia Tharn, the younger half-sister of Abnur Tharn, conquered Northern Elsweyr and the city of Rimmen during the Frostfall Coup. She is known in the region as the Usurper Queen, was a ruthless monarch who tortured the Khajiit citizens of Rimmen with stupid laws. She threatened to use the city’s own Siege Weapons against the...


An Attempt to Find Alfiq Conjurer Counter-Play in TESL

Alfiq Conjurer undoubtedly is the most powerful card in the Moons of Elsweyr expansion. Midrange decks are back on the ladder. Midrange battlemage is at tier 1 and variations of that deck in tri-color dominate the meta. What can yellow-based decks in crusader, monk, spellsword or Empire do to compete? Before we attempt to find counter-play options, let’s briefly look...


Razum-Dar – Uses and Synergies

A Look at The Elder Scrolls Lore Razum-Dar is a Khajiit spy who was active during the Interregnum in the Second Era. He worked as a member of the Eyes of the Queen, a secret intelligence network that served Queen Ayrenn of the First Aldmeri Dominion. Raz built quite a reputation for himself as a wandering mercenary before he got...


Moons of Elsweyr Titles – A Guide with Decklists

It is time to look at the Moons of Elsweyr titles. The good news for all of us title hunters out there: Moons of Elsweyr comes with two amazing hidden titles. These are The Ursurpator and The Shriven. This article provides a full overview of titles with decklists, tips and tricks to unlock each one of them. The List of...


The Consume Mechanic and the Imbued in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Moons of Elsweyr introduces the consume mechanic to The Elder Scrolls Legends. With consume, you can remove a card in your discard pile from the game to gain advantages provided by your necromancers. Triggering the Consume Mechanic For this to work, you will simply need at least one creature in your discard pile when you play the necromancer. This can...

Dro-M'Athra Reaper Card Art

Dro-m’Athra Reaper – Uses and Synergies

Moons of Elsweyr brings us Dro-m’Athra Reaper, a new legendary 3/2 Khajiit and Spirit in Endurance for 2 magicka. Revealed by Wita, the reaper comes with a powerful summon effect: Consume a creature. When a creature leaves your discard pile, Dro-m’Athra Reaper gains +0/+1 and you gain 1 health. The Khajiit spirit is the first creature that gets buffed and...

Rimmen Siege Weapons Card Art

Rimmen Siege Weapons – Uses and Synergies

Rimmen Siege Weapons is a new legendary support card in The Elder Scrolls Legends Moons of Elsweyr. A Look at Elder Scrolls Lore Rimmen, also known as Rim’kha in the Khajiit language, is the capital of the region Anequina, which is the major location in Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr. Leading up to the Elsweyr storyline, Euraxia Tharn conquered the...

Kaalgrontiid and the Halls of Colossus

Kaalgrontiid – Uses and Synergies

Kaalgroontiid is a new powerful dragon in The Elder Scrolls Legends – Moons of Elsweyr. His name Kaal-gron-tiid means: Champion – Bind – Time. Kaalgrontiid and the ESO Lore When Abnur Tharn was attempting to decipher the two halves of the Wrathstone, he was looking for the location of a secret Demon weapon. He was hoping to find a weapon...