Jaws of Oblivion

Jaws of Oblivion was launched on October 8th, 2019! Jaws of Oblivion is the 5th card pack expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends. The set relates to the events unfolding during the Oblivion Crisis in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (see the official Bethesda announcement).

Jaws of Oblivion contains 80 new cards, including a number of tumultuous new Daedra cards, plus a new mechanic: Invade. With invade, you get to summon otherworldly Oblivion Gates and build their havoc-wreaking power before your opponent can shut them down! The set also strengthens a few existing themes that haven’t seen too much competitive or ladder play over the past months, such as Goblins, Self-ping, Hand-Buffs, Cross-Lane Play. Several cards also mirror some of the main quests from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Additionally, the fifth expansion will also provide two new pre-constructed theme decks, four new card backs, a new playmat, as well as new music and new visual effects.

tesl.blog is collecting all you need to know about Jaws of Oblivion here on this page. You will find general information and a more detailed look at new cards and the Invade mechanic. This page is updated frequently, so please check back often, as the content is growing!

  1. General Information about the expansion
  2. The Official Trailer
  3. The New Game Mechanic – Invade
  4. Overview of Cards
  5. In-Depth Card Reviews 
  6. Pre-Constructed Theme Decks
  7. Titles & Card Backs – A few tips & tricks on how to earn them (coming soon)

1. General Information about Jaws of Oblivion

Jaws of Oblivion pre-order bundle
Jaws of Oblivion pre-order bundle. Image source: Bethesda

A pre-order bundle is currently available in the in-game Legends store for $49.99. You will receive 50 packs and a premium Legendary card from Jaws of Oblivion when it releases. In addition you will unlock the exclusive title The Herald and a premium Jaws of Oblivion card back right away.

The Jaws of Oblivion premium card back and the title The Herald are available for immediate use. The 50 packs and the premium legendary card remain locked until October 8th.
The Jaws of Oblivion premium card back and the title The Herald are available for immediate use. The 50 packs and the premium legendary card remain locked until October 8th.

2. The Official Teaser Trailer

Here is the official teaser trailer.

3. The New Game Mechanic: Invade

In as separate article, Sparkypants has revealed further details about the Invade mechanic. It can be triggered from both actions and creatures. When you Invade, if you don’t have an Oblivion Gate, you summon one in the right lane.

The Oblivion Gate enhances every Daedra you summon while it’s in play. The portal is immune to silence and permanently shackled, but can be targeted with actions (e.g. Execute, Lightning Bolt) and creatures in combat.

At first, it only gives one point of health to your Daedra. However, each time you Invade while an Oblivion Gate is already in play, you upgrade your current portal by giving it two additional health and an extra ability.

  • Level 1 Gate: When you Summon a Daedra, give it +0/+1.
  • Level 2 Gate: When you Summon a Daedra, give it +1/+1.
  • L3 Gate: When you Summon a Daedra, give it +1/+1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less.
  • L4 Gate: When you Summon a Daedra, give it +1/+1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less. When you summon a Daedra, give it a random keyword.
  • L 5 Gate: When you Summon a Daedra, give it +1/+1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less. When you summon a Daedra, give it two random keywords.

After level five, your Oblivion Gate continues to gain two health and grants your Daedra an additional random keyword. This means that a Gate can instantly grant a newly summoned Daedra every keyword in the game if it goes unchecked for too long. As you can imagine, much like plot of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you’ll want to do your best to close your opponents’ Gate (in this case, destroying them) before you’re overrun.

4. Overview of Cards

Jaws of Oblivion - Three cards revealed

The following sortable and searchable table shows a list of all cards in Jaws of Oblivion by attribute. The links over the card names take you to a reveal-video/ article , or to an in-depth card review (where available).

Jaws of Oblivion - Card List

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Strength1Invasion ScoutCreatureCommon
Strength2Agent of Mehrunes DagonCreatureCommon
Strength2Flaming BreathActionCommon
Strength3Blood-Crazed DaedrothCreatureRare
Strength3Daedric IncursionAction Common
Strength3Dremora ArcherCreatureRare
Strength3Mehrunes Dagon's FlayerCreatureRare
Strength4Kynreeve ChampionCreatureLegendary
Strength4Marauder ChieftainCreatureEpic
Strength4Modryn OreynCreatureLegendary (Unique)
Strength4Widow DaedraCreatureCommon
Strength4Xivilai WarlordCreatureCommon
Strength6Keeper of the GatesCreatureEpic
Strength6Unfinished BusinessActionEpic
Strength11Lord of the ArenaCreatureLegendary
Intelligence0Trusty SwordItemCommon
Intelligence1Valkynaz MageCreatureEpic
Intelligence2Elixir of PotencySupportEpic
Intelligence2Invasion VanguardCreatureCommon
Intelligence2Mythic Dawn InformerCreatureRare
Intelligence3Blast from OblivionActionCommon
Intelligence 3Dremora AdeptCreature Legendary
Intelligence 4Occult RitemasterCreatureRare
Intelligence4Sigil KeeperCreatureCommon
Intelligence5Attuned DremoraCreatureRare
Intelligence5Mythic Dawn AcolyteCreatureCommon
Intelligence6Fingers of the MountainActionEpic
Intelligence7Sunken OneCreatureCommon
Intelligence7Hannibal TravenCreatureLegendary (unique)
Intelligence10Forces of DestructionActionLegendary
Willpower0Clannfer RuntCreatureCommon
Willpower0Dive Rock FallActionRare
Willpower2Blind Moth PriestCreatureEpic
Willpower2Mythic Dawn ZealotCreatureCommon
Willpower3Dremora ChannelerCreatureCommon
Willpower3Invasion MarauderCreatureCommon
Willpower3Unexpected ArrivalCreatureEpic
Willpower4Defense of BrumaActionEpic
Willpower 4Invasion PartyActionLegendary
Willpower 4Mehrunes Dagon's SeducerCreatureRare
Willpower5Blades GuardianCreatureRare
Willpower5JauffreCreature Legendary (unique)
Willpower5Worldly WandererCreatureLegendary
Willpower6The Crisis BeginsActionCommon
Agility0Dead DropActionRare
Agility1Brotherhood SuspectCreatureEpic
Agility1Dust Eater SkirmisherCreatureRare
Agility2Bloody Handed ChiefCreatureLegendary
Agility2Wild BoarCreatureRare
Agility3Arenthia GuerillaCreatureCommon
Agility3Bitterfish WitchCreatureCommon
Agility3Mountain LionCreatureCommon
Agility4Blades FlankerCreatureCommon
Agility4Blades StalwartCreatureEpic
Agility5The Gray FoxCreatureLegendary (unique)
Agility6Fresh StartActionCommon
Agility12Ultimate HeistActionEpic
Endurance1Doomed AdventurerCreatureRare
Endurance2Brotherhood VampireCreatureEpic
Endurance2City GuardCreatureCommon
Endurance2Emperor's AttendantCreatureRare
Endurance3Blackwood AlcehmistCreatureCommon
Endurance3Blades DefenderCreatureCommon
Endurance3Outland PatrolCreatureCommon
Endurance3Three Feather WarchiefCreatureRare
Endurance4Black Soul GemSupportEpic
Endurance4Determined SupplierCreatureCommon
Endurance4Miscarcand LichCreatureLegendary
Endurance5Faded WraithCreatureLegendary
Endurance6Umaril the UnfeatheredCreatureLegendary (unique)
Battlemage4Mankar CamoranCreatureLegendary (unique)
Scout4Martin SeptimCreatureLegendary (unique)
Neutral0Oblivion InvasionActionCommon
Neutral4Giant SlaughterfishCreatureRare
Neutral4Great Sigil StoneSupportLegendary (unique)
Neutral11Siege CrawlerCreatureEpic
Neutral12Painted WorldActionEpic

Here is a gallery of the new Jaws of Oblivion cards (they usually follow with a little delay).

5. In-Depth Card Reviews

In a series of articles, we will be looking at some selected cards in Jaws of Oblivion.

Blood-Crazed Daedroth – Uses and Synergies

Blood-Crazed Daedroth – Uses and Synergies

Blood-Crazed Daedroth is one of the first three new cards revealed for the Jaws of Oblivion expansion that is coming to the Legends store on October 8. When you looked at this card, maybe you thought: Why did Bethesda reveal this card in particular? Well, it’s a Deadra, so it’s right on-theme for Oblivion. But, I agree, they indeed could...

Elixir of Potency – Uses & Synergies

Elixir of Potency – Uses & Synergies

Elixir of Potency is a new support card in the latest expansion Jaws of Oblivion. For 2 magicka, this elixir grants a random keyword to a creature of your choice and has three uses. GicaForta revealed the card yesterday on his YouTube channel. Since this is a card with a random effect, let’s look at the possible outcomes: Breakthrough: Your...

Modryn Oreyn – Uses and Synergies

Modryn Oreyn – Uses and Synergies

Modryn Oreyn is here: get your Rage Control decks ready to rumble! Modryn Oreyn and the Blackwood Company in The Elder Scrolls Lore The Blackwood Company in TES IV: Oblivion The Blackwood Company is a minor faction based in Leyawiin. It mostly consists of Khajiit and Argonians and is the main rival of the Fighters Guild. The company takes jobs...

Siege Crawler – Uses and Synergies

Siege Crawler – Uses and Synergies

Siege Crawler is an epic 11-cost Daedra in the upcoming Jaws of Oblivion expansion. This big boy brings unprecedented 15/15 of stats plus the breakthrough keyword. It is the first creature released that can win you a game with just two swings all on it’s own. Indeed, this makes it a candidate for combos involving Squish the Wimpy, Dremora Markynaz...

6. The New Arena Format

The release of the Jaws of Oblivion set coincides with a major change to the arena format in The Elder Scrolls Legends. The changes give arena players something extra to strive for. In the previous arena format, there was really no further progression after getting to Grand Champion rank.

In effect, the Versus Arena rank system has been replaced with the same constellation structure as the current Ranked Play ladder. Players will move up and down in the same fashion as Ranked Play, moving up a rank after winning a game at the end of the current constellation.

Players from rank 1-12 with four wins in one arena run will also get “Bonus Matches”, granting them an additional star if they are able to get their fifth win. At the end of each month, rankings will reset in the same fashion as on the Ranked Play ladder. Players who are at rank 9-12 will return to rank 12, players from rank 5-8 will return to rank 9 and players from rank 1-5 and Legend rank will return to rank 5. More details and an updated tier list for drafting your next arena deck can be found in the following article.

Arena Tier List – Jaws of Oblivion Edition

Arena Tier List – Jaws of Oblivion Edition

(Last Updated 11/2/2019) The New Versus Arena Format It is time for an updated arena tier list! The release of the Jaws of Oblivion set coincides with a major change to the arena format in The Elder Scrolls Legends. The changes give arena players something extra to strive for. In the previous arena format, there was really no further progression...

7. Pre-constructed Theme Decks in Jaws of Oblivion

Jaws of Oblivion comes with two pre-constructed theme decks. The first is Mankar’s Paradise featuring the unique legendary battlemage card Mankar Camoran.

The second theme deck is Martin Septim’s Ascendance, featuring the illegitimate son of Emperor Tiber Septim VII.

An important hint to save your resources: Make sure to buy these two decks first, before you open any other Jaws of Oblivion packs. This will immediately add the two legendaries from both premade Theme Decks to your collection and avoid that you open a copy of Mankar Carmoran or Martin Septim through a regular pack.

7. Titles & Card Backs in Jaws of Oblivion

As with other expansions, there are a good number of new titles to be earned. Unfortunately, there is no hidden title in Jaws of Oblivion. Note, the title The Herald is only available by pre-ordering the expansion. This also awards a cool premium card back. Smaxx has posted a video of that on Reddit.

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at how to earn the titles and card backs after the expansion releases.

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