Alliance War Cards

The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War

Alliance War is the third cardpack expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends. The expansion will be released on April 15th, 2019 and feature five new tri-color factions as well as new mechanics. The expansion will include more than 100 new playable cards. TESL.BLOG is collecting all you need to know about the new Alliance War cards here.Overview of all Cards by Color

(work in progress)

Alliance War Cards Overview – Contains Spoilers

Thus far 10 cards have been officially revealed. A few more card titles are contained in the official teaser trailer. The following table provides an overview of the reveals so far.

Alliance War Cards - Strength

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Strength7Martial MasterCreature?

Alliance War Cards - Intelligence

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Intelligence2Altmer FlameslingerCreatureCommon
Intelligence3Channeled StormActionCommon
Intelligence6Abur TharnCreatureLegendary (unique)

Alliance War Cards - Willpower

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Willpower0Sound the AlarmActionCommon
Willpower2Guildsworn RevitalizerCreature Common
Willpower2Mystic of Ancient RitesCreature Epic
Willpower3Forward CampSupportLegendary
Willpower3Gray Viper BrigandCreatureEpic
Willpower3Luminous ShardsActionCommon
Willpower3Renowned InstructorCreatureCommon
Willpower3Strategist's MapSupportRare
Willpower4Bruma OppressorCreatureRare
Willpower4Legion Zero TemplarCreatureCommon
Willpower4Varen AquilariosCreature Legendary (unique)
Willpower5Guildsworn CavalierCreatureRare
Willpower5Guildsworn OathmanCreatureCommon
Willpower7Guildsworn HoneytongueCreatureLegendary

Alliance War Cards - Agility

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Agility0Back-Alley FootpadCreatureCommon
Agility1Baandari OpportunistCreatureEpic
Agility1Bewildering SpeedActionRare
Agility1Dominion Oathman Creature Common
Agility1Inspiring SoldierCreature Common
Agility3Dragonguard OutcastCreatureRare
Agility3Dunmer TyroCreature Common
Agility3Shadowscale HunterCreatureRare
Agility4Unrelenting SiegeSupportLegendary
AgilityValenwood SentryCreatureCommon
Agility5Assassin BeetleCreatureRare
Agility5Daedric TitanCreatureEpic
Agility5Spoils of WarActionCommon
Agility6Invoker of the HistCreatureLegendary
Agility7Empire Dreadmage CreatureCommon
Agility7Sai SahanCreatureLegendary (unique)

Alliance War Cards - Endurance

LegendaryGalyn the SheltererNahagliivLucien LachanceBlack Marsh WardenReanimate
Blood Magic LordBone ColossusDoomcrag Vampire
Odirniran NecromancerEmperor Titus Mede IINight Talon Lord
The GatekeeperAudae Clan SorcererFrost Giant
Dro-m'Athra ReaperCaius CosadesSkeletal Dragon
AlmalexiaCicero the Betrayer
MannimarcoSteel-Eyed Visionary
Zumog PhoomXivkyn Banelord
EpicDark SeducerPreserver of the RootIliac SorcererSiege CatapultWrothgar KingpinHist Grove
Shadowfen PriestBlackrose HerbalistGrim ChampionNecromancer's Amulet
Hallowed DeathpriestHackwing FeatherLion Guard StrategistImprisoned Deathlord
Knight of GnisisAngry GrahlFlesh AtronachDisciple of Namira
Night PredatorHulking MummyProphet of Bones
Night ShadowPure-Blood ElderWaves of the Fallen
Dragon Cult GhostGravesingerMushroom Tower
Corrupted ShadeSkeleton Champion
Frost TrollDeath Hound
Indomitable OrdinatorSpiny Haj Mota
Bishop of the Hour
Ruin Shambler
RareHaunting SpiritSuppressPlea to KynarethElixer of Vigor
MummifyYew ShieldArchein VenomtongueChieftain's Banner
Young MammothBruma ArmorerNorthpoint CaptainLowland Troll
Wrath of SithisFrostbite SpiderWatch CommanderSteelheart Vanquisher
Barrow StalkerArchein EliteMountain TyrantBetty Netch
Bleakcoast TrollGloom WraithFalkreath Defiler
Ald Velothi AssassinMidnight SweepSpine of Eldersblood
HushBlack Worm NecromancerIndoril Mastermind
ExpungeRing of Imaginary MightKarthspire Scout
Little GirlJyggalag's Incursion
Encumbered ExplorerKnight of Order
Lay Down ArmsCruel Axe
Almalexia's DiscipleBlack Marsh Prodigy
Caius' Machinations
Squish the Wimpy
Imperial Lackey
Bone Armor
Moontouched Guardian
CommonDragontail SaviorDeadly DraugrHealing HandsOldgate Warden
Wind Keep SpellswordDaedric DaggerDeathless DraugrWake the Dead
Dark GuardianEnchanted PlateFharun Defender
Trespasser's BaneStormhold HenchmanHist Speaker
BonewalkerWrothgar ArtisanImperial Armor
Skinned HoundCursed SpectreStalwart Ally
Covenant MailRestless TemplarTree Minder
Nibenese MercenaryLurking MummyStonetooth Scrapper
Stalking ShadowscaleSwamp Leviathan
East Empire CrafterCave Bear
Mentor of the WatchStonehill Mammoth
Restoration TutorIronscale Dragon
Quarra Clan BloodkinAncestral Dead
Daedric CrescentBal Isra Warrider
Mournhold PilgrimSupply Runner
Redoran OathmanEmpire Oathman
Rising of BonesStrategic Deployment
Bloodline OutcastBlack Marsh Centurion
Xavara AtronachArise
Baliwog/Baliwog LegSeeker of the Black Arts
Great Moot SquireFallen Dragon
Poisoned Dagger
Imbued Argonian
Servant of Ja-Kha'jay


No neutral cards have been revealed thus far.

Alliance War Cards - Guildsworn

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Guildsworn2Guildsworn ApprenticeCreatureRare
Guildsworn11?CreatureLegendary (unique)

Alliance War Cards - Aldmeri Dominion

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Aldmeri Dominion8Ayrenn, ... ... CreatureLegendary (unique)

Alliance War Cards - Daggerfall Covenant

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Daggerfall Covenant2 Daggerfall PhantomCreatureRare

Alliance War Cards - Ebonheart Pact

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Ebonheart Pact5Jorunn The Skald-KingCreatureLegendary (unique)

Alliance War Cards - Empire of Cyrodiil

Attribute/ Class/ FactionMagicka CostCard Title TypeRarity
Empire of Cyrodiil5Clivia TharnCreatureLegendary (unique)

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