Card Expansions

This article provides an overview of the various Card Expansions that have been released for The Elder Scrolls Legends. Bethesda has created several concepts to release new cards – some releases come in “larger chunks” (e.g. Expansion Sets or Story Expansions), while smaller releases provide only a smaller number of new cards.

  • Expansion Sets: In addition to the Core Set, two additional expansion sets have been released so far: Heroes of Skyrim and Houses of Morrowind.
    • Heroes of Skyrim: The first official card expansion set for The Elder Scroll Legends was released in June 2017. It features 154 new cards obtainable in separate booster packs. The expansion includes dragons, shouts, as well as many well-known Heroes of Skyrim, and more.
    • Houses of Morrowind: The second card expansion was released in April , 2018. This booster pack set, features 149 new cards themed after The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind games. This expansion introduces three-color decks, named after each of the ruling houses of Morrowind: House Dagoth, House HlaaluHouse Redoran, House Telvanni and the Tribunal Temple.Each house focuses on a theme. Dagoth is all about power; some of their cards activate powerful effects when you have creatures with five or more power. Hlaalu focuses on Plot, a new keyword that triggers an effect after any card is played. Tribunal Temple houses the living gods Vivev, Alamalexia and Sotha Sil. Those worthy of their attention get a keword named Exalt. By paying an extra amount of magicka, you activate the exalted effect of a card. Rumor has it that the living gods play well with those exalted… House Redoran is the military core of Morrowind. They focus on a new keyword, Rally. Each time a creature with rally attacks, a random creature in hand is buffed by +1/+1. Finally, House Telvanni is known to house some of the most talented mages in all Tamriel. However,  they like to Betray each other. Spells with betray allow you to sacrifice a creature on your side of the board to cast the spell a second time.
  • Promotional Card Sets: A collection of a few new cards, that are usually pretty strong and provide interesting game mechanics. These are oftentimes forming new deck archetypes. Check the link above or in the menu for further details.
  • Story Expansions: Story expansions provide a mission-based single-player experience. Players have to complete the missions, and will earn new cards as they progress. Check the link above or in the menu for further details.
  • Monthly Reward Cards: Almost every months a new single card is released for achieving a certain rank on the ladder. This means, five days before the “season” (=month) ends, a new card is revealed. This card is awarded to those players to their constructed achievements in Versus Play in that season. Players get a single copy of the card, if they finished the season at rank 9, two copies at rank 5, and three copies at rank 1. If you are not able to get the full set or you are just a new player, don’t worry. You can craft them as a normal epic card.
  • Puzzles: Strictly speaking, puzzles do not contain new cards in themselves. However, you can earn expansion packs for solving these puzzles. A Puzzle is a preset scenario where the player must beat the puzzle within the given parameters. For example, it might mean that you must win the game within a single turn; or cannot lose the game in a single turn. Puzzles are a great way to become familiar with cards, mechanics, and hone your sequencing skills. A puzzle set contains 10 pretty hard, scenarios that push your game knowledge to the limits. As a reward for  your bravery,  each set gives you five packs, 100 soul gems, and a special card back.
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