Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Decklists

Blood Warriors Guild
The Blood Warriors Guild for The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Decklists have become a great fun experience for our members. We started out with a few cool combo decks, went across a good budget list for new starters and then went on to doing a class or house a week.

Combo decks

  1. Sanguine’s Delight – A murder Dremora Markynaz Combo created in August 2018.
  2. Big Bad Betty – A Betty Netch Combo deck with Pure-Blood Elder created in September 2018.
  3. Renegade Magister & Stealer of Secrets OTK – A deck featuring the monthly card for January 2019 in conjunction with an action-heavy SOS Mage one-turn-kill combo. The deck was created in February 2019.

Budget decks

  1. Prophecy Burn – A budget list created in September 2018.

Class/ House decks

  1. Shadow Shifter – A Monk build created in October 2018.
  2. A Life of Crime – A Scout deck created in October 2018.
  3. Trick or Treat – Halloween Deck (House Hlaalu) – Our TESL contribution to Halloween 2018 from October 2018
  4. Sorcerer Beatdown Deck: Merlin, the Moose – A Sorcerer beatdown powerhouse, using cards from the FrostSpark Collection.
  5. Dwemer Harmony Mage – A Dwemer Mage deck that runs the Monthly Reward card from October 2018, Altmer Dragonknight
  6. Mid-range Tribunal – A versatile mid-range Tribunal temple deck running Apex Wolf and the Moose from the FrostSpark Collection. The deck is from late November 2018.
  7. Orca’s Factotum Archer – A Factotum/ Conscription Archer that from Orcagaming. The list combines the movement tricks and lethal pings of Archer with the snowballing juggernaut of the Factotum package and wraps it up nicely in a neutral draw and end game package featuring Namira’s Shrine, Journey to Sovngarde and Tullius’ Conscription. The deck was voted for in December 2018.
  8. Mania Crusader – A Crusader deck focusing on Thadon, Duke of Mania. This deck is a mid-crusader with aggressive elements, spot removal, and self-healing through Drain. The deck was created in February, post-Isle of Madness.
  9. Doomcrag Warrior – A high-tier Warrior deck evolving around Doomcrag Vampire and low-cost creatures and ping effect for removal using Disciple of Namire and Namira’s Shrine as it’s draw engine and Journey to Sovngarde as its win condition. The deck was created in February, post-Isle of Madness.

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