Blood Warriors Guild

Blood Warriors Guild

The Blood Warriors Guild is promoting fun and competitive play for The Elder Scrolls Legends.

Our Mission Statement

The Blood Warriors Guild provides members of the digital CCG community around The Elder Scrolls Legends a vibrant, supportive, and creative space in which to develop their skills and flourish as players, by providing access to high-quality game-related content and access to the knowledge and experience of our player base.

Our Goals

  • Having fun playing The Elder Scrolls Legends together and with others
  • Promoting a positive attitude towards the game in the wider TESL community
  • Creating high-quality content for new starters and experienced players alike
  • Fostering and actively participating in competitive play for TES

Blood Warriors Guild Initiatives

Learn more about our initiatives:

Joining the Blood Warriors Guild

The Guild has a dedicated Discord channel by invitation only. The Guild runs “Open Guild Days” when the channel is opened for new members to join. Those will be announced on our social media accounts. To stay up-to-date with the latest from the Guild, please follow us on Reddit, Twitter or Twitch.