No more new Monthly Reward cards for TESL

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  1. Rusty Lizard says:

    Myself and others owe you a great deal for the information you have posted online. I have learned much from you.

    Please know, though, that a great many players enjoy TES Legends for more than just its “gameplay-changing content.” Many players can’t commit to the amount of play that dedicated, top players like yourself do. They may not have played the game from its inception, learning all the new cards gradually along the way or accumulating effective decks over long periods of time. Such players are the ‘cannon fodder’ for more advanced players, and might actually enjoy playing a game where the sands do not contiually shift under their feet. It is not “the end of an era” for such players. Though their path is difficult, the pleasures that thrilled you still await them.

    New players need the help of expert players like yourself to make the game more enjoyable and playable. Those who have had thier hides shredded by you helped make the game enjoyable for you. Such players will continue to exist and play. You are a wonderful mentor. I hope you do not abandon them.

    You have this one’s gratitude.

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