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  1. AbellWild says:

    Appreciate the support and look forward to meeting new faces and creating new friends everyday! Thanks!

  2. Are you guys going to have more card and function or gameplay analysis articles? They are fantastic!

    • Holoir says:

      Yes, we are currently rounding out the tournament section on the site which was a little under-developed. But there is always some new players looking for tournaments or opportunities to play competitively. It’s fun and a great learning experience. Let us know, please what you would like to read more of. Any specifics?

      • Oh just to be clear I think the tournament roundups are a great idea too.

        This site has become far and away my go-to (really the ONLY original content TESL site — legends-decks.com for obvious deck reasons) for any analytical or even conceptual inspiration and brainstorming. In fact, I would say I learned how to play the game or more so how to approach and maneuver within the game from the in-depth and fun to read posts here.

        Suggestions? Well… 1. I wouldn’t change a thing. 2. If you’re talking about future content — I love the spotlights on new cards, which really are way more comprehensive than just that card, and the articles like your drawing within each attribute series. Absolutely vital reference and organizational tool seeing as how there are so many cards and it can be overwhelming at first and even now. More of those on different gameplay aspects would be cool. Maybe a retro spotlight like those going back to analyze past cards in the same way. But yes, more of any of these would be awesome. I think there was also a post of videos by a player that focused on unusual or unexpected interactions and I thought that was an amazing thought to explore further.

        I have one other thought that I am not seeing anywhere that I was exploring how feasible it would be to create, but I’d save that for off the message board. Is it possible for me to email you to continue this and ask some questions? Sorry for the length here, I am always so wordy, but all in all I think just more of the same peeling away of the layers to provide insight and references is working extremely well, for me at least.

      • Btw I just updated my twitter name so this would be how to link up with me there. My email is also screamhbkhawks@gmail.com 👍

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