Arena Tier List – Jaws of Oblivion Edition

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  1. lapinou10 says:

    Until you revise your position on the red-blue with the Invasion mechanics, your game will continue to be broken and meaningless.

  2. Imperial Guard says:

    Good tidings citizen!

    Thanks for this comprehensive list, it must have taken a long time to put together! I’ll definitely be consulting this list as I attempt to climb the new ladder.

    I have found that Tempo and field lane control is very important in the draft format due to the general lack of removal cards like ice storm or piercing javelin.

    So, creatures with strong stats/keywords and prophecy cards have been good picks for me in draft.

    The format’s 30 card limit makes prophecy cards more likely to trigger and can really turn the tables in a losing game. So, the one thing I’d change in this list is rating the prophecy cards higher, like Tyr who has good stats and prophecy – who should bumped to insane (only in this format).

  3. jele77 says:

    There is a small false information. It says players from rank 1-5 will reset to rank 5. But it should be legend rank – rank 4 will reset to rank 5

  4. Missing several cards, including Guildsworn Revitalizer, Khuul Lawkeeper, and Ravenous Crocodile. Handful of others but those were the ones I noted in my most recent run.

  1. October 15, 2019

    […] Last updated on 9/21/19 – Please refer to the new and updated Jaws of Oblivion Arena Tier List. […]

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