Buffing Power-Based Payoff Creatures – Maximize Your Payoffs

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  1. Imperial Guard says:

    Awesome review! So many ideas to try.

    First, Worldly Wanderer breathes life into so many support desks! Worldly Wanderer both tutors AND summons! It’s stats aren’t bad for a tutor card either! Insane.

    Second, Unicorn is the pilfer monk decks needed! This card is going to be a fun one. I think everyone will fear this friendly looking creature. Unrelenting Unicorn Monk or Item Assassin Unicorn?

    Third, I think this expansion shows that rally should not have been a random but a chosen buff to a card in the hand.

    Fourth, doesn’t Determined Supplier seem overpowered? With a steel sword (+3/0) or similar item attached a player could potentially go 4 max magicka ahead.

    • Sweet Roll says:

      I’ve gone up against a fair amount of Determined Suppliers with my move assassin deck and if they buff it with an item I’m pretty much done for. I teched in a couple Hatchery Meddlers to deal with Oblivion Gates but since Supplier is a guard I can’t just go over it and there isn’t room in my deck to fit in some Piercing Twilights.

      • Imperial Guard says:

        Assassin is a tough class because it lacks silence and direct removal spells. It is fantastic versus aggressive decks but struggles versus midrange and control decks. Try Move Monk, it destroyed my midrange deck this season and has the tools to combat slower ramp decks.

    • Holoir says:

      Have been experimenting with the payoff creatures and they are better than I anticipated. Next up on my list is Worldly Wanderer with House of Manor in a spicy Hlaalu shell. Haven’t played Hlaalu in months…

      • Imperial Guard says:

        Imagine a Manor buffing wanderer, then tutor summoning another Manor! Thanks for this great idea!

      • Imperial Guard says:

        I just reached Legend rank for the first time with Worldly Wanderer in a Support Monk deck. I can confirm that it trades well, assists Moon Gate and Health Elixir combos, and assures draw consistency across games. 3600 soul gems well spent for the full play-set!

  1. November 1, 2019

    […] is easy to buff his power to five or six. Now, he becomes a force to be reckoned with (please see Buffing Power-Based Payoff Creatures – Maximize Your Payoffs for more ways to improve his power […]

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