Buffing Power-Based Payoff Creatures – Maximize Your Payoffs

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  1. Imperial Guard says:

    Awesome review! So many ideas to try.

    First, Worldly Wanderer breathes life into so many support desks! Worldly Wanderer both tutors AND summons! It’s stats aren’t bad for a tutor card either! Insane.

    Second, Unicorn is the pilfer monk decks needed! This card is going to be a fun one. I think everyone will fear this friendly looking creature. Unrelenting Unicorn Monk or Item Assassin Unicorn?

    Third, I think this expansion shows that rally should not have been a random but a chosen buff to a card in the hand.

    Fourth, doesn’t Determined Supplier seem overpowered? With a steel sword (+3/0) or similar item attached a player could potentially go 4 max magicka ahead.

    • Sweet Roll says:

      I’ve gone up against a fair amount of Determined Suppliers with my move assassin deck and if they buff it with an item I’m pretty much done for. I teched in a couple Hatchery Meddlers to deal with Oblivion Gates but since Supplier is a guard I can’t just go over it and there isn’t room in my deck to fit in some Piercing Twilights.

    • Holoir says:

      Have been experimenting with the payoff creatures and they are better than I anticipated. Next up on my list is Worldly Wanderer with House of Manor in a spicy Hlaalu shell. Haven’t played Hlaalu in months…

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