Daily Archive: September 30, 2019


Various thoughts regarding battling and battles

Greetings, people of Tamriel! I am Empire Oathman, a 4 Magicka source of power and health for the strong-willed and agile. This Hearthfire I wanted to try and seize the first Legend rank, commonly known as #1. Commanders who have maintained this position when the season ends are known as the best of the best, the most terrifying opponents you...


Elixir of Potency – Uses & Synergies

Elixir of Potency is a new support card in the latest expansion Jaws of Oblivion. For 2 magicka, this elixir grants a random keyword to a creature of your choice and has three uses. GicaForta revealed the card yesterday on his YouTube channel. Since this is a card with a random effect, let’s look at the possible outcomes: Breakthrough: Your...