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Play Around Prophecies #2: Prophecies by Attribute – Know Your Opponent

This second article in our Playing Around Prophecies series for new Legends players will look at the prophecies by attribute. Knowing the prophecies your opponent might be running allows you to make better sequencing decisions for your plays and attacks. This can increase your win rate and success in Legends. In the first article of the series, we looked at...

Market Archer Swindlers Market

Mer Vs. Deck, #1: Monogreen Market Abomination

Introduction Hello and welcome fellow TESL players! My name is MerryWallofStorms (but you can just call me Merry), and today I am starting what I hope will be the first in a long series of deck competitions. In this competition, individuals take a specially designed deck, made to be impossible to pilot, into PvP modes to test their luck and...