Daily Archive: August 1, 2019


CVH – The QuakeCon 2019 Interview

You are working for Bethesda as the Legends community manager for over a year now? Yeah, I started in March 2018. So I think it’s about 14 or 15 months, or something like that. Going into the job, what did you really expect from it and how has your expectation of what you’re getting out of this position really changed...


Wita – The QuakeCon 2019 Interview

Thank you for sitting down with me. No problem, man. So how was your QuakeCon experience so far? It has been great. Everyone’s been super lovely. Obviously, we’ve got to get back into this later, but my performance was not satisfactory. I had a lot of things where I did not play well enough. I did not mulligan correctly. I...