Daily Archive: July 29, 2019


Three Days at QuakeCon

By MerryWallofStorms Introduction The following journal details the time that I spent at QuakeCon this past weekend. Day 1 I arrived in Dallas Fort Worth around 3:30 after 6 hours worth of plane rides with little idea of what I was going to be doing next, beyond the potential for an interview with CVH (about which I had emailed him...


Frenzy – The QuakeCon 2019 Interview

About Frenzy Frenzy started playing in June 2017, regularly earning his spot among the top 100 players in ranked play. Overall, he has earned five top 10 finishes and 8 top 20 finishes. He won the second 2019 Masters Series Qualifier with a very strong set of control decks. This interview was conducted at QuakeCon, on July 27, the day...