Monthly Archive: July 2019

Help: I Think I am Becoming a Timmy! Moon Monk.

Help: I Think I am Becoming a Timmy! Moon Monk.

Well met, marshfriend, and welcome to Help: I Think I am Becoming a Timmy!, the bimonthly column where we take a look at whatever roleplay deck, meme deck, or combo deck is flavor of the month. I’m MerryWallofStorms, but you can just call me Merry. Last month brought with it the third out of five expansions for 2019 for the...


Budget Token Empire

Sav0s_Aren has brought us another powerful budget deck: Budget Token Empire. This token deck includes the latest great common and rare cards from Moons of Elsweyr. A budget deck costs under 10,000 soul gems when crafted and runs only must-have cards, not niche ones. These must-have cards, like Divine Fervor, are useful for a number of decks and add so...

Alliance War Epics

Alliance War – The Epics to Craft – A Guide for New Players

Have you finished crafting the legendaries from Alliance War? Do you now want to go after the Alliance War epics and add them to your collection? This guide will help you to craft the best Alliance War epics to expand your collection in the most cost efficient way. Epics in Alliance War To complete your collection of all epics in...


Alliance War Crafting Guide – Legendaries

Have you saved a good amount of soul gems to craft a few legendary cards from the Alliance War expansion? Would you like to add the best staple cards from the set to your collection? This guide will help you to craft the best legendary cards for you depending on whether you prefer to play aggro or control. Legendaries in...


Interview with Boomslife

Boomslife aka Really_Beau earned his ticket to the 2019 Master Series Finals at QuakeCon from July 25-28 through the last chance qualifiers. Boomslife, who has been playing across multiple accounts, has more than 10,000 wins on ladder and has finished in top 10 and in top 100 numerous times. It will be exciting to see him join the other top...


How to Build Your Card Collection in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Have you recently started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends? Have you finished the tutorial and now want to know how best to build your card collection? Do you want to know which story expansions to buy in which order, or if you should play solo or versus arena? Where to spend your gold? Let us answer all of these questions...