An Intro to The Elder Scrolls Legends for Fans of The Elder Scrolls Online

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  1. Mark Weber says:

    Nice idea on making this intro. I wonder whether you would be able to sell card from ESO Legends. It would make for a nice transit. Or better yet. They could merge legends with ESO and it all could become like an online ver of Witcher’s Gwent! 😀 Whatever you’ll be able to sell, I would be happy to take a look at Just pls don’t exagurate with the prices, we already are living in a crazy world thanks to COVID 🙁

  2. Patryk Dąbrowski says:

    Agreed, though why are talking about selling smth in ESO? It’s about mobile elder scrolls legends here, a card game? About which I’m actually pretty hyped up 😀 Great take on it HOLIOR! Legends are every bit good as they say, if only they would make guides for which cards to choose, like in this one for ESO Factions – . This one made it plain and simple for me to choose a faction, if only there would be a similar guide on legends that would help me choose my best cards… Can you make it HOLIOR?

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