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MaG0meD_36cm aka ksedden got the victory in MSQ#4.
Image source: TESLegends Twitch Stream by Bethesda and Team Rankstar

This past weekend, ksedden aka MaG0meD_36cm won the fourth 2019 Master Series Qualifier tournament. He is the fourth player to directly qualify for the Master Series Finals at QuakeCon (from July 25 – 28) and a very strong player with close to 20 top 100 finishes and multiple finishes in the top 20 and top 50. He is also streaming Legends on Twitch at

We are very grateful for him giving us this interview and sharing more details about his views and experiences with Legends, as well as his lineup.

About ksedden

Hello ksedden. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Huge congratulations on winning the fourth 2019 Master Series Qualifier tournament. Before we go into the details of the Master Series, let‘s talk a little bit about yourself and how you came to card games and TESL in particular.
So, what does ksedden do in real life? Where do you live? What’s keeping you busy when you are not on TESL?

I hide from the haters on reddit in my small apartment in Moscow, lazily smoking a hookah.

Tell us a little bit about how you started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends.

I can’t remember if my initial journey was bad or if it was a bad trip.

Can you look back on any previous card game experience?

I invested all my savings in Artifact and my card collection is still poor.

Aggro – Midrange – Combo – Control? What’s your favorite style of play and why?

I like combo style, but my master series lineup has all 4 archetypes.

What’s currently your favorite deck?

Aggro Hlaalu. Deck code: SPAJnMejgRqnrauxajhdfcAGfifxirlZmenUASbvlDdlkkkKkYgpkVlLpDpTdydLiqrWdrdheD


…and what’s your all-time favorite?

ksedden Drain Vitality Altar Monk – Deck code: SPAEqckClHlRACfAkhAOeSsacxqycFhFhCimcRlYawnXeeei

Drain Vitality Altar Monk.

ksedden and the Master Series Qualifiers #4

Let’s talk about the Master Series Qualifiers 2019 #4. Those were some very intense matches. Personally, what was your favorite match in that tournament?

ksedden vs. TurqoiseLink in the MSQ #4 semi-finals. Image source: TESLegends Twitch Stream by Bethesda and Team Rankstar

The first one I liked a lot was my Tribunal against Link’s Ebonheart. My damage management was crucial, paired with the fact that I did not miss a single hit for face. I immediately knew about my only chance to win and going face worked. Memory Wraith could potentially have been a second option to win, but my hand and draw was very bad, overall.

View the 2019 Masters Series – Qualifier 4 by TESLegends – Semi-final TurqoiseLink (Ebonheart) vs. ksedden (Tribunal) on

In addition, my Hlaalu game against Fafal’s Ebonheart was like a miracle for me, after his prophecy [editor’s note: this was an early prophecy during game 4 in the finale]. The match was a great example, of how Aggro can over-grind Ebonheart.

View the 2019 Masters Series – Qualifier 4 by TESLegends – Final – Game 4 – Fafal (Slay Ebonheart) vs. ksedden (Aggro Hlaalu) on

How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you put in long hours of refining your decks? Did you practice with your friends or teammates?

Using my and others’ experience in past Qualifiers, I was able to choose the best deck for each archetype. I practiced a lot with my teammates, the DDR team.

Let‘s discuss your deck line-up a little bit. Which decks did you bring to the tournament and why?

In tournament format, it is important to have an answer to any of your opponent’s decks and counter-pick on time, so I used the strongest deck for each archetype.

The first deck in your lineup was Midgro Daggerfall. What was special about this build?

Midgro Daggerfall – Deck code: SPAQuldljVnLsOkNsNgRqoreigfcsdbKrPaAAEprlLoenNARdIombDovoMrCrQeFhUkgrWsmbYdAjHnHoR

I stole this deck from a strong player, as I did with all other decks. I am proud of myself.

Your second deck was Control Tribunal. This archetype has been tier 1 for a long time. How has the release of Alliance War influenced the viability of the deck and what changes have you made to it?

ksedden Control Tribunal. Deck code: SPAQgOaJuxbqksqouGigfeaAeijtoNtDkClHAHfWsHdMedmanNaFAPtmoeoMrCdVhnuAfBimiBjHcOlYiyqd

I have never played this deck and I don’t like it. It has the poorest and most boring game play, and in my opinion it couldn’t win over the strong decks. For me, after the release of the new set, nothing has changed in it. I have not lost to any tribunal.

Your third deck was Abomination Empire which basically won you the Quarter Finals against Orkhans_Gambit. Please tell us a bit about your experience during this match.

The most important thing in this match was to start the game with a timer.

What happened in the third match against Orkhans_Gambit with the timer?

All the games I challenged my opponent, but before the last game he challenged me, and I was surprised that when I started to win I noticed there was no timer. My opponent made a polite decision to support my victory, because it was clear that I would have won that game without a timer. If I understand correctly, he played from the phone, so that it can be understood. Thanks to him for this decision and a chance to win!

We have seen Abomination Empire in the qualifiers with good success or as a ban bait, and will likely see a nerf coming with the next patch. How would you suggest nerfing it?

I would suggest banning the sacrifice of creatures in the same lane with Namira, so that you can’t sacrifice creatures in her lane, or so that you can’t play creatures in a lane with Namira, if the lane is full.

Your fourth deck was Aggro Hlaalu, an absolute beast of a deck. Fafal opened with his Aggro Hlaalu and took a 2:0 lead. You managed to beat him in a mirror match and took the other two finals wins with the deck as well. Why did you keep Hlaalu for last?

This is the best deck in the game and most of my games in the qualifiers I played 3-0 on it. As I played a lot of games and got very good top decks, my mirror match was positive for me.

How will you prepare for the Master Series Finals tournament?

I will ask Mr. Putin to give me a visa.

About the State of Legends

Now, onto some more general TESL topics, if you don‘t mind. Outside of Empire Abomination, your other three decks used Varen Aquilarios, Craven Conscript, Covenant Oathman, Guildsworn Revitalizer, Channeled Storm, Gray Viper Brigand and Mannimarco from the Alliance War expansion. Compared to some of the other decks we have seen in the top 8, this is quite a lot. How happy are you with the Alliance War expansion overall?

When all the archetypes see play in equal proportions, that is a healthy expansion. I hope that those legendary cards that have not yet found a good use will be needed for decks with the next expansion.

As the TESL community is growing slowly with new and returning players, can you elaborate on what you see as the critical success criteria for an aggro deck? What is important when you navigate them? What is your top tip for new players?

Field lane>>>trade>>>SMOrc, when you can’t trade>>>shadow>>>SMOrc

In other words: Dominate in field lane. Trade if you can. When you can’t, go face and SMOrc. When you can’t control field, play to shadow lane and SMOrc there.

What is your favorite faction in Alliance War? And don’t say Hlaalu…

*laughs* True! What is your view on the current state of TESL?

I like how the game has been developing with the release of the war of alliances, but there is still a lack of new players. And there are not enough regular tournaments as well.

What is your opinion on how Bethesda is evolving the game and the TESL community?

They promise a lot and do little, but what they make looks good.

If you had one wish for the game, what feature, card or card mechanic would you like to see implemented?

In-game tournaments.

Thank you very much ksedden, for your time and this interview. We wish you all the best of luck for the Master Series Finals and hope to see many more of your victories.

Thank you for the interview, too, and don’t forget to visit my streams at

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