Budget Token Guildsworn

Kodlak9270 is brewing on some additional budget decks. A first option leveraging the latest Alliance War cards is Budget Token Guildsworn. This token deck leverages classic elements from Mage and Crusader tokens and blends them into a powerful Guildsworn deck.

Without further ado, let’s look at the decklist first.

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Budget Token Guildsworn by Kodlak9270. Deck code:

You will need to complete the Dark Brotherhood story expansion and craft a few epics to build this deck. This hopefully gives you an idea in what direction your collection can be expanded. If you do not have some of the more costly cards, yet, the below list showcases a few possible replacements.

  • 2x Ulfric’s Housecarl: he is one of the best Monthly Reward cards available (see our Monthly Reward Card Crafting Guide). If you find him to expensive, you might want to replace him with Rajhini Highwayman, Rapid Shot, Knife to the Throat or Ash Berserker. Ash Berserker’s special card drawing ability is triggered quite easily through Orc Clan Captain, Fifth Legion Trainer, Divine Fervor, Seyda Neen Courier, Steel Scimitar and Pit Lion.
  • 3x Golden Initiates from the Isle of Madness expansion can be replaced by Bruma Profiteer or Feasting Hunger.
  • 3x Pit Lion has great stats for 3 magicka. He is not really replaceable. You might try Camlorn Hero who unfortunately is much easier to be removed, but provides similar aggressive potential. Morthal Executioner is a bit more resilient and will grow in attack as you break your opponent’s runes. If you have already completed the Isle of Madness expansion, then definitely Doomfang Ally would be a great replacement, too.
  • 3x Mudcrab Merchant is one of the best 1-drops in TESL. He is available in the Houses of Morrowind expansion. You can replace it with Crown Quartermaster who is another very solid 1-drop. He will also help Ash Berserker in drawing cards.
  • 3x Divine Fervor: One Divine Fervor can be acquired through completing the Forgotten Hero story, namely the third battle in act 1. The card is such a staple card that you will not regret crafting the other two copies.

There is only one legendary, Ancano, who is accessible through the pre-built decks available in the store for in-game gold. Ancano is one of the best cards in the entire game and definitely a card to get early.

Budget Token Guildsworn – The Game Plan

Fifth Legion Trainer

If you are unfamiliar, Token decks like to flood the board with lots of creatures in order to swarm and overwhelm their opponent. Willpower makes this playstyle possible with cards like Scouting Patrol and Marked Man that create tokens when they are played. This “wide” style of play is also rewarded in Willpower with cards like Pit Lion that, while powerful, have strict conditions to be met.

Perhaps the most common enabler of token strategies is Divine Fervor, a card that can represent a significant amount of damage and create huge obstacles for your opponent in dealing with your board. Orc Clan Captain is another good example how these tokens can be buffed easily.

Another way to reward the aggressive nature of Token strategies is to give them little bonuses for breaking opponent’s runes. Eastmarch Crusader is a strong, aggressive creature when played on curve that rewards you for breaking an opponent’s rune early by giving card draw. Another powerful draw engine is Ulfric’s Housecarl.

Upgrades to Budget Token Guildsworn

Token decks usually have trouble dealing with big guard creatures. To ease your way through these you might include cards to silence this guards or even steal their keyword(s). Currently, the deck does not have any silence, because both Earthbone Spinner and Hlaalu Sharpshooter are epic.
If you already have a few copies of the Sharpshooter you can replace Morkul Gatekeeper.

Alternatively, a Penitus Oculatus Agent will also be a good addition to your collection. He can also replace the Gatekeeper in this deck. With Knife to the Throat, the Dark Brotherhood story expansion also provides a silencing effect. As a bonus, the 4-cost action also provides additional card draw (replacement for Ulfric’s Housecarl).

If you would like to go for additional legendaries, then Dawnbreaker is clearly a great choice. Dawnbreaker can easily win you more games. The unique item provides a crazy amount of additional burst damage and can also kill an Undead as a bonus. This includes Mummies, Skeletons, Spirits or Vampires.

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