Alliance War Titles – A Guide with Decklists

Have you earned all your Alliance War titles, yet? Yes? You got all the regular ones? But what about the hidden title Nirn’s Doom? You did? Then skip this. Otherwise, here is a guide that helps you to earn them. To allow you to strike two flies with one stone, they are grouped by faction, from Aldmeri Dominion to the Empire of Cyrodiil. The ones not associated to a particular faction are discussed at the bottom. It should be noted, though, that true followers of a faction will only want to earn the titles of their own faction, right?! 😉

Aldmeri Dominion’s Alliance War Titles

There are three Alliance War titles related to the Aldmeri Dominion: Aldmeri Dominion Ambassador, Archmage of the Dominion and The Arcane Prophecy.

AD1. Aldmeri Dominion Ambassador

The alliance war title Aldmeri Dominion Ambassador requires you to win 30 games with an Aldmeri Dominion deck. Should absolutely be doable! Bethesda’s Community Manager Christian van Hoose has piloted his Tempo Dominion deck into the top 100 in April, for instance. The deck is a beast and will earn you that title and the Dominion card back very quickly.

Deck code: SPALejkGmxqnajbquouGaAsxqcAFsUnLpVhdumASdInMcxdfkVoerCcvdydVsyfxdrimjHdhlYkA

AD2. Archmage of the Dominion

As an Archmage of the Dominion you need to play 200 actions with the Empower effect. Not only for this purpose has Mattyborch conceived an Dominion Empower Control deck around the mechanic. It runs Debilitate, Channeled Storm, Wish, Sould Shred and Ayrenn’s Chosen and gets you the title pretty quickly. It can also help towards the Aldmeri Dominion Ambassador title, of course.

Deck code: SPAIrgmxajbqtPjgaAsxACkcjHAVcxgstyoeoEqybOsHsysTnPuFimkvsPcOumtbiyuzqT

AD3. The Arcane Prodigy

Alliance War Titles: The Arcane Prodigy
The Arcane Prodigy

Apparently, the alliance war title The Arcane Prodigy appears to be a little bit more difficult to earn: you need to Empower 10 times in a turn. However, Bujinnovation’s Market Burn Assassin does the trick probably in the first game you play the deck (assuming you already have some experience with market decks)

Bujinnovations Market Burn Assassin
Bujinnovations Market Burn Assassin

Deck code: SPAEdKsppXrRACadpTAOdQtgjElXgynMixqybOnPpZjJumuz

The Guildsworn’s Alliance War Titles

There are three Alliance War titles for The Guildsworn faction: Steward of the Guildsworn, Guildsworn Campaigner and The Unconquerable.

GS1. Guildsworn Campaigner

As a Guildsworn Campaigner, you will need to activate the Expertise mechanic 200 times. In order to earn this title, you need a great Expertise Guildsworn deck and DTBlayde’s control list Expertise Rage Guildsworn definitely helps with this.

You can also check out his video to see it in action. The deck code is: SPAJjVejqYbqsBtBfeaAuwAAAWdIgymGsKtinerCaxdLhnkbuFjHuDnHcOtjtldbtekArk

This deck also helps with the next alliance war title, thus provides synergy if you want to earn them both at the same time.

GS2. Steward of the Guildsworn

As a steward you need to win 30 games with a Guildsworn deck. This will also earn you the Guildsworn cardback. Charm3r has done a great Legendary Deck Spotlight on his Guildswarm aggro deck (note: this deck helps with the title Steward of the Guildsworn, but not much with the Guildsworn Campaigner).

Deck code: SPAFejbqrekwaAACnHraAWlDkkkYnBprdegptilLnenLoerCdLdVfxirmemCcMjHeD

In addition, Charm3r showcases the deck in action, in this great video.

GS3. The Unconquerable

Fighters Guild Elite
Fighters Guild Elite

The alliance war title The Unconquerable is a little bit more difficult to achieve and requires some grinding with a dedicated deck. You need a Fighters Guild Elite with 100 power to earn it. This seems very difficult to achieve, but there is certainly some mid-range or control decks that can exploit his ability. Your greatest enemy, though, is an opponent who concedes too early. So all of you who are playing against an opponent in casual who double’s up Fighters Guild Elite and doesn’t swing face: DO N O T CONCEDE.

Here is a decklist that leverages Steel Scimitars, Salvage, Gardener of Swords and Telekinesis to complete the quest. Deck code: SPAAAHflpwnHdJfbklfLAMugustfsKgPgjhydVkNjNprmG

Daggerfall Covenant’s Alliance War Titles

The Daggerfall Covenant allows you to earn three alliance war titles: Daggerfall Covenant Warmage, Armsmaster of the Covenant and The Telekinetic.

DC1. Daggerfall Covenant Warmage

As Daggerfall Covenant Warmage you need to win 30 games with a Daggerfall Covenant deck.

Absolutely possible to achieve with Corey Millhouse’s Mid-range Daggerfall Covenant list. It runs a variety of Endurance’s powerhouses, such as Wind Keep Spellsword, Bleakcoast Troll, Young Mammoth, Haunting Spirit, Corrupted Shade, paired with Sower of Revenge, Abnur Tharn, High King Emeric and Emeric Covenant King, you get an explosive beatdown deck.

Here is the deck code: SPAGsZgRuGigfcaAAAAXdIbDdelLoeovoMrCrQdVedhUkgrWsmbYdAjHnrnHnNoRrP

DC2. Armsmaster of the Covenant

As Armsmaster of the Covenant you need to Equip 200 recruits with items. Certainly, a deck with the Mobilize keyword can help with this. Fans of the Empire of Cyrodiil might definitely prefer to achieve this title by playing a deck in their colors with recruits and items, but we shall not mention this option officially, to not annoy any members of the Covenant 😉

Here is a cool Daggerfall Item Rotation list by JDJ_3, that allows you to earn the Armsmaster title quickly. Deck code:


DC3. The Telekinetic

The Telekinetic requires you to move 10 items with a single Telekinesis. Sounds difficult? Not really, if you use Sastslayer12’s Sparksmith OTK deck. A comprehensive deck guide can be found on

Sparksmith OTK Alliance War Titles Telekinetic

Deck code: SPAFaHmxhdoKjtAJgybofMoepTqykojHumAJbOgPhbdBujusqFeMkl

Ebonheart Pact Titles in Alliance War

Those of you who have skipped to this section immediately, are true followers of the Ebonheart Pact. Why even care about the other alliance war titles? Truly spoken!

EP1. Ebonheart Pact Guerilla

Ebonheart Pact Guerilla - Alliance War Titles
Ebonheart Pact card back

The alliance war title Ebonheart Pact Guerilla requires you to win 30 games with an Ebonheart deck. Ramp-Rage-Ebonheart will already have done this for you easily in the first day after the Alliance War expansion was released. So, just for documentation purposes: Ebonheart Ramp in a build by ianbits.

Above all, check out his video for the deck in action. Deck code: SPAKbkgDgOcztwasddmvlxmOAKmGnMbDtIpeooflgagBehAPnAakaNgsqymynwqNaMkvlmqBlIuzrk

EP2. Warleader of the Pact

To become a true Warleader of the Pact, you will need to achieve Veteran status with 200 creatures. The card Forerunner of the Pact is certainly a staple card for decks dedicated to earning this title. You should note, that Orcish armies have already slaughtered, quartered and beheaded a legion of House Hlaalu players in their attempt to earn this title without honor.

Here is a great decklist with several Veteran creatures that works pretty consistently on the ladder: Jorunn’s Warband, a aggro/mid-range deck by Sir Prook.

Alliance War Titles - Warleader of the Pact

Deck code: SPALnMrgdSgOtwqohqtBonmOqcACbLfAAUakaNbDgstMovoEqysXittNsmbYkItGdhsRtxjyoR

Empire of Cyrodiil – Alliance War Titles

Some bad news: the author of the previous paragraphs has been sentenced to death by Clivia Tharn, already. Latest update: he is hiding in a skeever hole in the skewers of the Imperial City. Now, get your training gear ready to bring more glory to the Empire as Empire Bannerman, Imperial Grand Tactician and/or The Drillmaster.

EC1. Empire Bannerman

Empire Bannerman - Allliance War Title
Empire Bannerman

As Empire Bannerman you need to win 30 games with an Empire of Cyrodiil deck. In addition, this will also earn you the Empire’s cardback. Since these are known to be the best in the world, this title is achieved by almost every recruit during their first hours of training. Giving a deck code out for this seems silly, but we need trained fighters quickly. Here is the deck code of Thuldir’s Conscription Empire [#1 Legends in 04/19]:

Alliance War Titles - Empire Bannerman

Deck code: SPAHrggOuxqosImOlHAEmohFnNuzAUnAbDcxgstmoEqyhnnwqNfBfPkvcOeDlYqBlImlqT

EC2. Imperial Grand Tactician

Imperial Grand Tactician - Alliance War Titles
Imperial Grand Tactician

For the glory of the Empire you can earn the Imperial Grand Tactician title. You need to summon a creature while you have a creature in each lane 200 times. This is truly the greatest title in The Elder Scrolls Legends and is earned quickly with Imperial Abomination by GicaForta. Deck code: SPACrgjgACnIsAAXeYbSepeSgUjkkkkHnAnMsacxmompoZqylpnPojpZqxuuey

Alliance War Titles: Imperial Grand Tactician - best achieved with Imperial Abomination

Consistently cycle through your entire deck by leveraging Transitus Shrine, Disciple of Namira and Thieves Guild Fence. Just make sure to have a spare creature in the other lane at all times. Above all, make sure to check out his great video for the deck in action…

EC3. The Drillmaster

You belong to us, now! To become The Drillmaster of the Empire you will need to summon 200 recruits. Obviously, Strategic Deployment needs to be part of that deck. MrBroC2003 came up with a thematic token deck, called Battle of Chalman Keep, that also runs Imperial Lackey, Enlistment Officer, Black Marsh Warden and, of course, Battle of Chalman Keep. Deck code: SPACqqsBAAAQfWtLnBcxgpsCcwtcudbPfPiHuqeDmalY

Alliance War Titles - The Drillmaster

Nirn’s Doom – The Hidden Title

The Alliance War expansion brings us a hidden title: Nirn’s Doom. You can earn this by banishing Varen Aquilarios with Soulburst.

Alliance War Titles - Nirn's Doom

Unfortunately, waiting for your opponent to play Varen Aquilarios can be a lengthy process. Happens maybe every 20th game? It is even less likely to have Soulburst in hand, then. Furthermore, you need to be able to play the 13-cost action or have a few unique legendaries in your discard pile. Thus, you need to keep Soulburst in hand waiting for an opponent playing Varen Aquilarios, haven’t you?

Well, not quite, as this deck by can do the trick for you. With Varen and Seht’s Masterwork on board and Ulfric’s Uprising in hand or discard pile, you only need to play Soulburst or Siege of Stros M’Kai to earn it.

Alliance War Titles - Hidden Title Nirn's Doom

Deck code: SPBYdIkknRbwgTihjVmJnLoerCfxhnhFjXlZnFpmcrttdrejiBnfqnqFuxbqbzdteGfyjqkPmdrtaFmlferfdmnErbaAjtllkhohkCuiAAAA

Alliance War Titles – Warmonger

As an early supporter of the Alliance War expansion, the Warmonger title was given to players who bought the Alliance War pre-order offering. There is currently no other way to gain this title anymore.


All in all, there are a few new innovations and new decks emerging from the Alliance War expansion. At the same time, some older, existing decks got boosted again and you can have a lot of fun with these as you are grinding for the titles. I hope you found this article helpful and worthwhile. If you have additional comments or cheaper, better or more fun decks to earn the titles, please leave a note in the comments.

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