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Cavalier Crusader – BWG Weekly Deck

Guildsworn Cavalier
Guildsworn Cavalier

Time for another weekly decklist from the Blood Warriors Guild: Cavalier Crusader. Last week, the guild embarked on a mission to build decks around Guildsworn Cavalier. The card we had the pleasure and honor to reveal in a treasure hunt across multiple channels. We saw a wide variety of submissions from the Guildsworn, the Empire of Cyrodiil and Crusader. Opalnera’s deck emerged as the winner and was refined a little over the remainder of the week. So without further ado:Here comes the Cavalier!

Here come the Cavalier - Cavalier Crusader

Guildsworn Cavalier in Crusader

Cavalier Crusader is an Aggro beatdown deck that can open the game with tokens and puts continuous pressure on your opponent through big hitters like Pit Lion, the new Craven Conscript and Fighters Guild Berserker. This ought to happen as quickly as possible and is complimented by a large pool of cards to buff your creatures. Namely, Fifth Legion Trainer, Orc Clan Captain, Guildsworn Cavalier and Divine Fervor allow you to push harder. As you want to ensure to be in control of the board at all times, the deck runs 12 items to trade favorably and to continue to push face damage.

Triggering the Expertise Mechanic Consistently

Crusader Cavalier includes three cards with Expertise: Guildsworn Cavalier to buff creatures, Renowned Instructor to generate more tokens and Fighters Guild Berserker for additional reach. Once you get to play at least one of them onto the board, you want to start to trigger their Expertise ability consistently. In particular, Guildsworn Cavalier and Renowned Instructor make for an explosive mix on their own. If your opponent leaves them unanswered they can quickly snowball out of control. So how do we trigger Expertise consistently?

Action Triggers in Cavalier Crusader

The deck runs Scouting Patrol to allow for an early Pit Lion. The action also triggers the Expertise mechanics during later turns. Crusader’s Assault has already been a staple card for almost every Crusader deck. It provides card draw and helps to push breakthrough damage, but can also trigger Expertise.

Item Triggers

With six actions and three support cards, Cavalier Crusader needs more ways to trigger Expertise. Cavalier Crusader takes the item-route and includes 12 additional options to trigger expertise. Even more important, the items add additional versatility to your deck.

Improvised Weapon allows you to push Breakthrough damage. Gavel of the Ordinator boosts your power by two points and allows your creature to trade undamaged into an opposing threat. Assassin’s Bow not only adds three power to your attack, but also hides the aggressor in the shadows for one turn. Shield Breaker removes a blocker and Dawnbreaker is the all-star item in yellow decks, anyway.

Treasure Hunters

Since Cavalier Crusader runs a reasonable breadth of items, actions and supports the item treasure hunter Relic Hunter is a natural inclusion. His treasure hunt ability buffs an item by +1/+1. He also has decent aggressive stats, and can easily make it out of Ice Storm or Lightning Bolt-range due to the variety of buffs in this deck.

Aldora the Daring is mainly included as another token generator. However, if you manage to draw a Divine Fervor your chances to trigger her +6/+6 buff a pretty high.

Mulligans for Cavalier Crusader

During mulligans, Fifth Legion Trainer and Relic Hunter are must keep. Use the Trainer to buff your creatures as early as possible. Getting a Relic Hunter down early increases the chances to earn his buff. Of course, you want him to survive a few turns, just in case. If you do have the ring of magicka, you can also keep a Crusader’s Assault to use in a “breakthrough trade” and refill your hand with two cards.


The deck can be piloted with good success on the ladder. The deck is versatile resilient enough to go to turn 10 or even 12, if piloted correctly. Against a very aggressive opponent, the Cavalier Crusader can be piloted more defensively relying on Expertise creatures to extend into the mid- to late-(aggro)-matchup. Try to spread your items across multiple creatures in order to limit the adverse effects of point removal or silence effects.

Thanks for reading everybody! Stay tuned for our next weekly deck coming up soon! If you’d like to try this deck out, here is the handy dandy deck code:


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