Monthly Archive: May 2019


Interview with superthx555

This past weekend, superthx555 won the third 2019 Master Series Qualifier tournament. After last week’s control mirror “TESL-thons”, this third tournament felt like Aggro-week and superthx navigated this extremely well. He is one of the most consistent tournament players, winning thirteen Warpmeta tournaments. He is also the winner of the first European Warpmeta tournament ever. He finished ranked play as...


Token Empire – BWG Weekly Deck

Time for another weekly deck by the Blood Warriors Guild: Token Empire. This deck was created by Kodlak9270 and took victory among many superb Empire formations. With Slay-Ramp Ebonheart, Abomination Empire and Burn Assassin dominating the meta, this deck will allow you to bring Glory to the Empire by employing a classic token strategy. A fair battle with valiant, honorable...


Interview with Frenzy1

This past weekend, Frenzy1 won the second 2019 Master Series Qualifier tournament in what was among the strongest and tightest top 8 bracket ever seen in any Legends tournament. Frenzy started playing in June 2017, regularly earning his spot among the top 100 players in ranked play. Overall, he has earned five top 10 finishes and 8 top 20 finishes....


Interview with Thuldir

This past weekend, Thuldir won the first 2019 Master Series Qualifier tournament and is the first player to have earned a ticket to the Master Series Finals at QuakeCon from July 25-28. Thuldir has been playing The Elder Scrolls Legends since open beta and has more than 10,000 wins in ranked play. He is among the most consistent top players...

Market Archer Swindlers Market

Burn Assassin Counter-Play

The Alliance War expansion made an older deck archetype very consistent: Market Assassin (often also referred to as Burn Assassin) and Market Archer. In particular, the rise in consistency and popularity of the deck can be attributed to Spoils of War, Forked Bolt and to Debilitate (to some degree). The idea of these decks is straightforward: get one or more...


Budget Token Guildsworn

Sav0s_Aren is brewing on some additional budget decks. A first option leveraging the latest Alliance War cards is Budget Token Guildsworn. This token deck leverages classic elements from Mage and Crusader tokens and blends them into a powerful Guildsworn deck. (Note, it has been updated on 25-Oct-2019 to reflect the additional new expansions Moons of Elsweyr and Jaws of Oblivion)....

Murkwater Scourge

Goblin Monk – BWG Weekly Deck

Green Goblin Monk was the winner in the Blood Warriors Guild weekly decklist competition in early April. The objective was to build a deck around Murkwater Scourge (the Monthly Reward card from March 2019) and JGlass won the competition with his Goblin Monk deck. My sincerest apologies for being so very much delayed on the write-up for this pre-Alliance War...


How to Counter-Play Falkreath Defiler

How do you counter-play Falkreath Defiler? The Imperial is a key card of control decks like Ramp/ Rage-Warrior and Ramp/Rage-Ebonheart. The Ramp/Rage decks currently see a tremendous amount of play on the ladder across all ranks due to their amazing late game. While Falkreath Defiler is not the deck’s sole win condition, the Imperial plays a pivotal role in fetching...


Falkreath Defiler – Uses & Synergies

Falkreath Defiler is a 4-cost 3/3 that some consider among the best four-drops in The Elder Scrolls Legends. The reason lies in the Imperial’s slay ability. It summons a creature from your discard pile when triggered. You may select any creature that has died or that you have discarded through other means like Merchant’s Camel or Scout’s Report. While the...