Guildsworn Cavalier Card Art

BWG Presents – Guildsworn Cavalier!

The pieces of the puzzle have finally been assembled! After several days of teases and treasure hunting and deciphering clues, the day of the full reveal is upon us. Blood Warriors Guild is very proud to present — Guildsworn Cavalier!

Guildsworn Cavalier
Guildsworn Cavalier

Guildsworn Cavalier is a card that showcases an excellent new mechanic in Alliance War — Expertise! Expertise is an ability that gives a bonus effect at the end of your turn if you’ve played an Action, Item or Support that turn. Think of it as a slightly more restrictive Plot…only one that you can trigger every single turn!

Guildsworn Cavalier may not look very impressive at first glance, but make no mistake, this card can be an absolute powerhouse if left unchecked! The most immediate and direct comparison is perhaps to the ever-popular token enabler Divine Fervor. As a 5 cost Support, Divine Fervor give an immediate +1/+1 buff to all creatures in your lane. However, while this effect is static and will continue to buff newly played creatures, it doesn’t further develop your board presence or buff more than it’s initial effect.

Enter Guildsworn Cavalier. Imagine having a Divine Fervor with a 3/3 body that continues to multiply in effect every turn! Now, Cavalier’s effect does require a bit of combo play and it triggers at the end of the turn, so there is no immediate effect. However, its Expertise effect can be triggered every turn and continue to snowball as long as Cavalier remains on the field. What’s more is that even after Cavalier is destroyed, the buffs will remain, unlike with Divine Fervor. And don’t forget — Cavalier’s Expertise ability affects itself too! So the longer Cavalier remains on the board and the more times its Expertise triggers, the harder it will be to remove!

Thanks again to Sparkypants and Bethesda for giving us this fantastic card spoiler! Alliance War pre-orders are available now and the expansion set releases on April 15th, 2019! Whose side will you be on?

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