BWG Card Reveal – Treasure Hunt

The Blood Warriors Guild has the honor and privilege to reveal a new card for The Elder Scrolls Legends. A big thank you to Sparkypants and Bethesda for allowing us to be part of the excitement!

Since we like treasure hunts and puzzles, let’s have some fun and reveal the card piece by piece, starting with this article. Here is what I have been given with some conclusions…

A yellow “…valier” or “… walier”
  • This piece looks like the upper right corner.
  • The card is yellow on the right side. This probably makes it Willpower, wouldn’t you agree?
  • The name of the card ends with “…walier” or “…valier”. Since it is small caps, maybe Cavalier, Chevalier or Lavalier?! I googled for “…walier” and it’s a word that’s allowed in UK and US scrabble, but I have no idea what it means. Any native speakers around here? Are there other words ending on “…walier”? No idea…
  • The card image shows long blond hair attached to a white-skinned face. So we can rule out Argonian and Khajiit, Dwemer, Animals etc. Don’t know about Orcs – it’s a bit “grey-ish”, don’t you think?
  • The person in the image seems to hold a sword of some sort. Certainly a single-headed weapon.
  • The background of the scene is grey.
  • And there is a letter printed across the puzzle piece. Looks like Deadra-ish… Anyone speaking Daedra-ish?

That’s it for me. You might want to check out if someone in Germany is currently streaming TESLegends to find the next piece. Or maybe check out that person’s twitter account.

Reveal started – minus 1 piece… Excited to see where this goes – I think Wednesday it will be finished. Have fun!

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