Exclusive Card Art Preview & Teaser Story – Card Reveal on April 8

Holoir here – I am super-excited to be given the opportunity to reveal a brand new card for Alliance War on April 8 on the blog. A big thank you to CVH and Gavin for giving me the opportunity, as well as everyone at Bethesda and Sparkypants who is making this awesome strategy card game. I must say how deeply impressed I am with the art and design of the Alliance War cards. Deeply embedded in the lore of The Elder Scrolls universe, all card art is so strong and invokes a story to be told. Like this one… (self written, by a non-writer, non-native speaker and not sanctioned by Bethesda – just a fan).

The moon lay in sinister size, bright above the Imperial City. Clivia had rarely experienced such a threatening presence of the celestial body. That night, one could see its numerous craters and elevations that looked like scars and deep wounds with the naked eye. As a child, she had always believed that the gods had fought epic battles there. Tonight, the wounded surface seemed almost like a prophecy of the dangerous battles that awaited her that very evening.

At least, the moon gave a bright light, so that no torches were necessary. The yellow-gray light gleamed on the armor, shields and helmets of the men who she led into battle today. She had secretly gathered some of her elite fighters, as well as numerous new recruits, to break through to the Waterfront District. Since her childhood, Clivia had the inborn aura for command: people simply wanted to do her bidding, and when she gave an order, it felt wrong to disobey.

However, this notion was not shared by General Velarius. He believed that the southwestern district of the Imperial City was of no strategic value. He wouldn’t accept her arguments and had mistrusted Clivia ever since she had joined the Daedra, which had thrown the Imperial City into chaos. Although she had apologized to him and explained her strategy, he remained as stubborn as a goat. Unfortunately, this caused him having to take his views into his grave, while Clivia now had to command the troops herself. And here she stood, and had difficult decision to make, while the smell of the burned flesh of her troops rose up her nose.

Earlier this evening

Ever since they left at dusk, she and her troops had been involved in minor skirmishes. At first, some of the Covenant’s recruits appeared out of nowhere and blocked their way. They were clearly superior to Clivia’s forces because of their superior armor and weapons. Since there was no passing in the narrow streets, they had to fight, which would cost some men and women their lives, for better or worse.

What disturbed Clivia more, however, was the fact that they had to act fast, above all, and could not afford such time-consuming distractions. So she ordered Imperial reinforcements shortly thereafter to speed up their breakthrough.

Fortunately, she had ordered her generals two months ago to train the newly recruited Imperials on the training grounds. At least to this Valerius had agreed. The better-trained troops of the Empire were finally able to break through the blockade of the Covenant. Actually, nothing more stood in the way of their advance. Or so they thought.

As the dust from the fight subsided, her convoy began cautiously heading for the target through the moonlit streets of the Imperial City. Since a dangerous silence had settled over the district, she ordered her troops cautiously forward, resisting her urge to rush them.

The vanguard of their troops was just around the corner of the temple square, when suddenly sharp spearheaded flames swept out of the sky and across the square. The heat of the firestorm was still felt at some distance and she felt a pleasant warmth on her cheeks. From the maelstrom of flames, her red cloak blew in a wind of fire, dust and destruction, and the cries of the dying men rang in her ears. This was followed by the stench of burned human flesh and Clivia had to hold on, so as not to vomit.

Emeric’s vassals from the School of Destruction had burned Clivia’s reinforcements in a single magical firestorm. Now she was again limited to the use of her elite regiment and a few inexperienced recruits. It was clear to her: this covenant had to be wiped out. And today she was able to take the first step.

A decision is needed – NOW…

But it did not help to think about tomorrow. She would first have to set a new strategy at that very moment. A direct assault on the temple square was too dangerous. Too big was the risk of hitting another enemy firestorm. Clivia therefore had to strategically deploy her troops in a better way. It would be best to push from several sides onto the square to ensure that at least one group remained unharmed from magical attacks.

At the same time, Clivia heard the Covenant’s troops advancing to her own position. She would not have much time for a decision. She screamed her orders over the battlefield. Her troops had to split up. Her bodyguards should venture with her and dare the breakthrough with some lackey on one flank, while the other recruits should take the other road. As the fighters collided, the metallic clash of swords, shields, and armor plunged into a deafening noise. Dust flew through the alleys of the Imperial City below the temple.

This is how the gods must have fought over the moon in ancient times.

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