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Catchery Assassin – BWG Weekly Deck

Time for another Blood Warriors Guild Weekly deck: Catchery Assassin. This week, we looked at Assassin, which combines the elemental foundations of Mundus in Intelligence with the subtlety, precision and speed of Agility. Just going through the submissions showcases that Assassin seems to be one of the favorite classes of guild members. As always the competition only has one winning deck, and this one is super spicy! ioftherestlessstorm came up with this very intriguing package involving Snowy Sabre Cat, Seething Flesh Golem, Hatchery Meddler and Swift Strike.

BWG Weekly - Catchery Assassin
BWG Weekly Deck – Catchery Assassin by ioftherestlessstorm

Catchery Assassin Deck Code: SPAFqcmxaAdSbUAMpdpVcvnQfihBdqeejUdhhjbBAHhSoKjHgsoerCge

Give Kitty Lute… – The Combo Pieces

Catchery Assassin is a combo deck that uses the element of surprise to overwhelm your opponent out-of-nowhere. The game plan is to scrape some paint off your opponent during early game. You need to keep the board under control and keep digging for your your combo pieces.

To play it very safe you will need 9 magicka to play Snowy Sabre Cat into Lute and Shadowmaster. Ultimate protection. Next turn, you follow-up with Hatchery Meddler to turn your 4/9 Cat into a 9/4. Swing twice for 18 damage and play Swift Strike as a surprise bonus, skipping the last rune. Fun times! While this constitutes the grandmaster way of winning with your Kitten Hatchery, there are a lots of other ways, too.

Finding a little more Reach

The deck has tools to inflict damage to your opponent even when behind on board. Tazkad, Cliff Racer and Lightning Bolt ensure that you get between 4-6 damage while waiting for your combo pieces. With Close Call you can even pull them back to hand for another swing, if you want to avoid another Piercing Javelin or Cast Into Time from your Tribunal Control opponent. Close Call, can also protect your Hatchery Meddler for another swap in a later turn.


Since you might have to survive a little while waiting for your combo pieces, the deck has 21 prophecies including Fate Weaver and some control tools like, Fighters Guild Recruit, Shrieking Harpy, Wardcrafter and Blacksap Protector during early game.

To clear a lane, Seething Flesh Golem alone will already remove anything with 3 health or worse. He can deal up to 8 damage, when you get to switch his stats with Hatchery Meddler, before the Golem attacks.

Queen Barenziah and Dark Harvester (best to enter game as a Prophecy) allow you to regain some life. With Cyriel and Brotherhood Slayer there is a small opportunity to cheat for some magicka.

Gloomlurker and Shadowmaster can protect your Kitten as well as the Golem from attacks or removal. Use Barilzar’s Tinkering to get additional value out of these dead bodies. If yout get to tinker Dark Harvester or Fate Weaver, you can sometimes even create a win from this combo. Another great target for Tinkering is a silenced Seething Flesh Golem.

Fun or Competitive?

The deck is definitely in the fun category and of course not for competitive tournament use. You can also achieve some success with it on the ladder. As a take-away, you might want to see if Hatchery Meddler is a card that you can use a little bit more in the future. Since the card is currently widely underplayed, you can achieve a decent surprise. I think they say “cats attack out of the blue…”. Khajiit like to sneak!

Stay tuned for next weeks Weekly Deck, featuring the new Monthly Card, Murkwater Scourge.

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