Custom Card Building – Week One

Iddarya is wearing Dark Seducer armor and wielding Jyggalag’s sword while she stands ready to fight Daedra on the other side of an Oblivion Gate.

The Blood Warriors Guild has embarked on a new regular fun activity, a bi-weekly Custom Card Building Competition. The Guild members create a card based on the lore of the chosen theme, whether it be a person, spell, creature, or even a screenshot of their character (if applicable). They can get as creative as they desire, including the card’s art and mechanics. The Guild members take a few days to submit their ideas and then the voting begins to determine the winner.

The winner of the first week is ioftherestlessstorm’s character from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in card form called Iddarya. She is a three-attribute card: Strength, Intelligence, and Willpower. While a 5-cost 4/4 is all right, Iddarya’s unique summon ability all but makes up for her average stats. In addition to being able to be played off of a broken rune for free via the Prophecy mechanic, she is able to Silence an enemy creature, removing all its items, abilities, and stat modifications. Having the ability to silence an enemy creature potentially during your opponent’s turn can swing the game in your favor by weakening a buffed up creature and staving off lethal. However, this isn’t the only ability Iddarya has.

Iddarya can also Unsilence a friendly creature, restoring it to its original form: stats, keywords, stat modifications, and passive effects. It doesn’t, however, restore all items to a creature, for the items that were equipped to a creature that has been silenced are now effectively in your discard pile. Nor does unsilence re-trigger a creature’s summon ability. However, these limitations do not undermine the ability.

For example, if your opponent silenced a creature with Guard, say a Vigilant Giant that can block your opponent’s next attack, Iddarya’s Unsilence ability can restore Guard to the giant and potentially block a lot of face damage. Another scenario is with stat modifications (not given by items) given from a creature (such as Morkul Gatekeeper) or from a support, such as World Eater’s Eyrie which doubles the power and health of a creature that costs 7 or more. Say your opponent has 28 health, has silenced your Belligerent Giant that had 28/16 stats from two Eyries, and it’s your turn. Iddarya’s unsilence ability can restore the giant’s modified stats from the two Eyries, bringing its 7/4 stats back to 28/16 for lethal! Are your creatures all shackled because your opponent played Winter’s Grasp and your Dres Renegade is silenced? Iddarya’s unsilence ability can restore Dres Renegade’s passive ability (and its Guard) rendering your creatures immune to shackle again.

Unsilence is a mechanic that would be a useful and refreshing mechanic that would be a nice change of scenery from all the hard removal cards. While hard removal is useful but sometimes frustrating to play against, silence is also a mechanic that messes with your plans. Sometimes, all you need is Aspect of Hircine’s Charge ability one more time to win a game, and unsilence would offer new ways to edge your opponent to victory.

There were a number of great submissions this time around, such as Glimpse of Death by [BWG] NerDaLERt which has the ability to deal massive damage if you have 20 or more max magicka. Take a look at all the creative submissions above, and stay tuned to the next BWG Custom Card Building Competition!

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