Midrange Redoran – BWG Weekly Deck

Another week, another Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Deck: this time we looked at House Redoran. Submissions included Doomcrag Redoran variants, Redoran Control, Tullius’ Vampires and Redoran Necromancer decks, to name a few. An interesting, wide-spread range of ideas, but there can only be one winner. And this week it was the Midrange Redoran build created by was Savos_Aren who goes by the in-game-name of kodlak9270. Here is the decklist…

BWG Weekly Deck - Midrange Redoran
BWG Weekly Deck – Midrange Redoran

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Inspired by the dominance of Tribunal Control and Aggro Hlaalu on the ladder, this is a real flexible midrange deck with a good winrate against both archetypes. You can play it as the aggressor against control and you can control the board against aggro decks. With 39 cards, you have more than 50% of the deck to deal with early-game threats. The deck merges Crusader-tools like Crusader’s Assault, Orc Clan Captain, Golden Initiate, Divine Fervor, Dawnbreaker, Rift Thane and Tyr with Warrior’s Sower of Revenge and the classic beatdown package Young Mammoth and Bleakcoast Troll. This creates a blend of some of the best dual-color cards available to House Redoran with great individual creatures for a classic tri-color beatdown deck.

Midrange Redoran in action
Midrange Redoran in practice mode

Against control you have plenty of good value creatures and a good amount of draw not to run out of fuel easily. In an Aggro-matchup you have decent amount of guards and life gain. When playing against aggro this deck can usually secure victory pretty easily.

Draw Tools – Fueling the Beatdown against Control

Crusader’s Assault, Eastmarch Crusader, Apex Wolf and Skar Drillmaster, as well as Vigilant Giant help with card draw. Skar Drillmaster can even draw you more than 1 if you’re lucky.

Your Removal- and Silence-Toolkit

The deck runs three copies each of Edict of Azura, Piercing Javelin, and two of Shadowfen Priest and Cradlecrush Giant to help to remove or disable key creatures or remove key supports like Necromancer’s Amulet, Altar of Despari etc.

Midrange Redoran in action
Midrange Redoran on Legends rank

Closing out the game

Your finishers in this deck can be found as 4-drops/ 5-drops as well as in your 7+drops. Bleakcoast Troll, Cloudrest Illusionist, The Black Dragon, Tyr and Sower of Revenge form your midrange core, supplemented by Belligerent Giant for a tempo-swing, Vigilant Giant for shear fighting power and Aspect of Hircine as a flexible tool to provide Reach or protection as a Guard.

Midrange Redoran in action
Midrange Redoran – We love when Tribunal disconnects…

It’s pivotal that you identify early on, whether you are the beatdown or control player in your matchup. If you manage to do that, this deck is a fun and flexible midrange build that you can pilot with great success on the ladder on ranks 5 and up.

Give it a try and see you soon with a BWG Weekly Assassin deck…

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