New Legends Expansion – Alliance War – Pre-order Leak

Awesome spoilers ahead – the Alliance War Pre-order Leak!

The next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends is called Alliance War. Yesterday’s patch 2.8 brought three nerfs, a great new VFX for Edict of Azura and lots of small improvements. On top of that, the patch contains some “hidden” previews of the new pack-based expansion: Alliance War. Here is the original source for this on reddit, from the user who data mined the content. A pre-order offering seems to be coming our way very soon.

Alliance War Pre-order Leak: Pre-order to get 50 Expansion Packs, the Alliance War Card Back, and a Premium Legendary from the expansion

This information is not officially announced by Bethesda yet, but appears to be legitimate as it coincides with card backs that in fact are (were) publicly viewable in the game.

Alliance-War Pre-order Card Back

New Card Backs: Alliance War Premium Pre-order & the Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary Gift

Obviously, there is still a slight possibility that this is fake news, but in all likelihood we have just learned about the next new Legends expansion. Particularly, since another reddit-user also found a new keyword called “Mobilize” with an Arcane Enchanter in one of his games (Source). It appears to be a dev-glitch as the final title and description of the keyword may not be final as indicated by the resource text placeholders (see in image: “Mobilize.title: Mobilize.description”).

New Keyword: Mobilize

Mark your diaries, Alliance War is coming and it’s coming soon!

Don’t Miss Bethesda Game Days

The event you absolutely want to watch on Twitch is Bethesda Game Days, on March 30th at 2:00PM EDT (19:00 Central European Time, 18:00 UK Time). Watch Bethesda’s livestream on with Josh Utter-Leyton, (TES Legends card designer), Christian van Hoose (Community Manager), Joey Howell (Brand Manager) and Legends streamer and YouTuber Silverfuse. CVH and Joey have hinted numerous times that they will be sharing a lot of great news for Legends on this event, which coincides with the 25th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Get a Premium Legendary for Free!

IMPORTANT: You need to prepare something for this event! Viewers of Bethesda Game Days will receive an exclusive Twitch Drop: a premium Legendary card! This is a premium card worth 4,800 Soul Gems. That is a lot to get for free! Link your Elder Scrolls Legends account to your Twitch account prior to the stream starting.
Here is a guide on how to do it: Linking Bethesda account to Twitch account.

Let the hype begin!

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