Training Grounds

Dark Elf Tribunal: The Dark Elf Rises – BWG Weekly Deck

Training Grounds

Dark Elf Tribunal-time: here is the next Blood Warriors Guild weekly deck! The Guild is holding a weekly, fun contest where members of all levels of experience can submit their decks against a guild-selected theme. This week, the challenge was to build a deck with the latest Monthly Reward Card Training Grounds. The Guild members take a few days to submit their ideas and then the voting begins to determine the winner. After this, members use a few days to refine and improve the winning deck, before the game plan is written-up is created. Keeps the creative deck building juices flowing…

Training Grounds sparks all sorts of very interesting tribal decks. Submissions included Argonian, multiple different Nord builds with or without Werewolves, an Orc deck, a Khajiit, an Imperial, certainly Dragons and even multiple Dwemer builds got submitted. But there can only be one winner, and the voting decided for Timmah200’s The Dark Elf Rises. Congratulations to the winner!

Dark Elf Tribunal – The Decklist

The Dark Elf Rises – Tribunal Creature-heavy Control Deck

Deck code: SPAHaJgOqtrtpbaAlkABehAWdKcyaufRbwfkmhqheuiSjoojjmqefBfLjHsolYlIqdiR

This Dark Elf tribunal deck, is a very classic body-based Legends-deck. It does not come with ultra-fast draw, zillions of spot removal and unfair OP cards. No, this deck focuses on creature combat and a straight-forward beat down plan. You are in for longer games.

At the start, the deck requires players to be reactive and to generate as many resources as possible. The buffs from Training Grounds can become an extra bonus, but the deck plays well, even if you don’t draw Training Grounds. The game plan is to trade often during opening and mid-game and to keep board control by removing threats. Hyper-aggro decks can be an issue for this Dark Elf tribal. You can tweak the top end to your liking. Several guild members have had great success with this deck on the ladder on ranks 4 and below.

Card Choices in Dark Elf Tribunal

Navigating the deck during Opening

During the first few turns, you will be in the controlling role. The deck comes with a strong early-game removal package around Cruel Firebloom, Brutal Ashlander, and Dunmer Nightblade. Use the Dunmer’s Iron Sword to trade favorably into something bigger and start to get your resources on the board. The 3-drops in this deck come with Rally to buff creatures in your hand or they help to find removal actions, or stronger creatures for a magicka-efficient play. Elusive Schemer and Enchanted Plate are your draw, Balmora Spymaster, Desperate Conjuring and Telvanni Arcanist are your options to use RNG if the Dark Elves in this deck don’t hold the answer you need.

At Parity

When at Parity, the deck has lots of good options to draw a card that helps to swing the odds your way. Nahagliiv can protect you effectively, Ancano can remove many threats and Dark Seducer and Archcanon Saryoni help with life gain. And if this doesn’t help, you can use the RNG effects to create some answers out-of-nowhere.

When you are Winning

Once you have established board control in a way that a single Prophecy card cannot ruin your position you can carefully start swinging for face but be very careful not to invite comebacks. Use your large guards or your removal actions to stay in control of the board. If game flow allows, keep your Ancano and Lightning Bolts for this phase to leverage their reach.

Need a Turnaround?

When in need of a turnaround, Silent Pilgrim helps you find removal for supports or creatures or the 7-cost (with exalt) Archcanon Saryoni, who can turn the tides as well and help you gain life.

A perfectly timed Indoril Archmage can Guard face and shutdown your opponent in a lane. Place him in a lane across four of your opponent’s creatures and if they don’t have a silence or Cast Into Time in hand, you can effectively shut that lane down. You can even consider sacrificing him with a Cruel Firebloom to avoid Silencing or Banisihing, or use a Desperate Conjuring to take back control.

Dark Seducer has a similar turnaround effect and can help you regain good amounts of life in the process. Dark Seducer is best put in front of a large number of smaller (non-lethal) creatures as a road block.

Summary – Dark Elf Tribunal

The Dark Elf Rises is a fun deck using Training Grounds and Dark Elf tribal synergy. When you play the deck look for one of the many mini-combos and to get an advantageous board position and build on this by trading favorably or forcing your opponent to trade infavourably. Be careful against fast aggro decks and remove their threats as early as you can! In this deck, Training Grounds can be a great tool to promote your creatures to trades even more often in your favor. Give the deck a try if you want to experience some of the pre-Houses of Morrowind, two-color TESLegends again (although this is a tri-color build!). It’s fun!

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