Doomcrag Warrior – BWG Weekly Deck

The Blood Warriors Guild weekly deck building competition (finally) took a shot at the Warrior class. Each week Guild Member votes on a class or house and members get creative and submit their decks. The submissions were very difficult to choose from, as Warrior is a very popular class. One winning deck emerged: and it’s Doomcrag Warrior, in a built by BWG-Founder BloodDrunk007.

Doomcrag Warrior BWG Weekly
Doomcrag Warrior BWG Weekly

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Doomcrag Warrior – Card Draw is your Best Friend

Doomcrag Vampire is a fabulous card – he gives other friendly creatures in his lane lethal. Together with ping-effects like Tiny Dragon or Sharpshooter Scout, this kills most creatures thrown in the Vampire’s way.

Doomcrag Warrior relies heavily on card draw: it allows you to mill your deck faster for the pieces you need, including Journey to Sovngarde. Namira’s Shrine, Disciple of Namira and Spiderworker function as the draw engines of the deck. Don’t forget you can self sacrifice creatures in a full lane, and the Spiderworker is perfect for that with Disciple of Namira in lane as well. With Doomcrag Warrior being a combo deck it will take some time to master and learn how to play against certain archetypes.

Field or Shadow Lane and Stabilise

Generally play for the Shadow Lane, unless you are up against Tribunal, Sorcerer, basically anything without charge. Against Ramp/Slay Rage Warrior play only in the Field Lane. Against all others operate in the shadows. Focus on getting your draw engines running as quickly as possible. Namira’s Shrine and Disciple of Namira are your key cards in this deck; protect them.

Getting your supports up is key for stabilising. Necromancer’s Amulets are Doomcrag’s great friend as your low-cost creature allow you to regain life. Being hit for a bit will only give you more cards, which means more life gain, once you have the Amulet(s) in play. Find them as quickly as possible to buy yourself important time to get the real hero of this deck out.

Maxmising the Impact of Doomcrag Vampire

Save Doomcrag for when you need him, as he becomes a target immediately. Make sure you have things in hand to use with him on instant summon. Nothing is worse than a Doomcrag Vampire being removed without you getting all the great value from him. At the minimum, a Sharpshooter Scout killing that giant creature across in Field Lane is critical. You don’t want this guy sitting around doing nothing.

Doomcrag Vampire and Tiny Dragon is a great combo in turn 7 with the ring or turn 8 without the ring. Try and bait your opponent into a false sense of security and let them fill a lane. You might even need to let them hit you in the face a bit, then drop the the lane clear.

Dictate Trades

If you draw the Nord Firebrand(s), it does not mean you have to play them directly. Sometimes it’s better to keep them for the right moment. They are great triggers for all sorts of combos in the deck – and there are plenty.

For example, you can use the Firebrands to trigger Aundae Clan Sorcerer or the Plot keyword on your Hlaalu Sharpshooter. Be extra careful – with your creatures having low health you are an easy target for pings or low cost removal. Try to not feed your enemy and don’t leave things on the board (as would be the case for Ramp Warrior). You want to be bouncing of creatures and killing stuff on your terms. With this deck you can draw a lot and with Shrines in play you might need to restrict your play to two cards to not proc the Shrines. Definitely have your cards in hand to avoid overdrawing.

Stabilise for a Journey to Victory

Play Journey to Sovngarde only when you have a second or even the third Disciple of Namira in hand. That way, once you play Journey use the remaining magicka to secure the board with guards. Then, next turn play Disciple of Namira and start getting all the good stuff back out as quickly as possible Another good indicator for when to use Journey is, if you have 6+ Firebrands in the discard pile.That’s 36 damage potentially from hand with the card draw engines.

Doomcrag is a combo deck that aims to control the board, so don’t hit for face early on. As a Vampire, you are in for the long game and those mortals shouldn’t do you harm, right? This Doomcrag Warrior, or variations thereof, will easily allow you to play in tournaments as well as the top 1,000 Legends and better. If you haven’t tried this deck, give it a go, it has a very special feel to it. While it needs practice to maneuver it properly, it can be very successful.

Next week, the weekly decklist will feature the latest monthly card Training Grounds. And after that, we have still a few classes and houses left to have fun with. Hope you enjoy the Warrior!

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