Isle of Madness and some Housekeeping

Isle of Madness requires a lot of housekeeping on TESL.BLOG. The new content has implications on articles published a longer time ago and we want to keep things up-to-date as much as possible. As blog content grows and with more and more expansions coming, this can develop into a full-time job. This site is maintained as a hobby by a few fans of the game and keeping older things up-to-date cuts into everyone’s time to write new stuff. A few smaller and a few bigger updates have already been made, some others are still on our to-do list for the next days and weeks.

This being said, if you do find something that requires a little bit of an update (that we have not covered yet, or maybe overlooked), please do leave us a comment with a hint and we will get to it asap. Also, if you are interested to write an article yourself, please get in touch with any of us to discuss the details. We will be happy to have more support from the community. But now, without further ado, here are the updates.

Isle of Madness – Content Updates

  • Three Ways to Create Card Advantage in The Elder Scrolls Legends – Updated with links to all articles about tutors written thus far. Added details about Double Cards, outlining another form of “Draw more”- card advantage.
  • Updated the Isle of Madness overview page with commercial details, an ever-growing list of in-detail card reviews and added the walkthrough guides to master the Master level. Also created a Title Guide explaining how titles can be earned effectively.
  • Updated the articles of Cheesemancer and Madness Beckons to reflect the changes made with patch 2.6. Madness Beckons and Cheesemancer are now craftable. Sheogorath made Madness Beckons a little crazier – the action can now also pull random cards (see three example pictures above).
  • Updated the Creature Tutor guide with a few details and a link to Wake the Dead.
  • Updated the Item Tutor guide with a few details and a link to Crucible Blacksmith. Also updated the table of items Forsworn Looter can fetch.

As said, there is probably much more to do, but those were the bigger ones. Looking forward to the next patch that is coming out shortly! Stay tuned…

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