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Isle of Madness Master Tutorial #6 – Memories

This article provides an Isle of Madness master tutorial for episode 6: Memories. The final episode of the Isle of Madness story expansion holds a big tragic surprise for Talym, the hero of the story (more spoilers below).

Obelisk of Order – Isle of Madness Master Tutorial

Obelisk of Order is the one were Talym, Dyus and Luzrah attempt to recover the Sword of Jyggalag from the Knight of Order. This mission has the Order Lane as a special lane condition for both lanes. Note, the right lane is not the Shadow Lane and creatures do not gain cover. Instead, in both Order Lanes, when a creature enters play, it’s power and health are set to it’s cost. An awesome playground to fully enjoy those powerful, but (usually rightfully) “under-statted” cards like Chanter of Akatosh, Betty Netch or Supreme Atromancer to name a few.

This is exactly what Knight of Order, your AI opponent in this mission, is using: an abusive Spellsword deck based around Chanter of Akatosh and Heretic Conjurer. Both not only have a powerful effect, but stats of 5/5 as well. Not an easy mission, and some serious consideration is needed to beat these decks.

Decklists – Isle of Madness Master Tutorial

  • Obelisk of Order – IoM Master Walkthrough is a Ramp Scout deck by You need to mulligan for Tree Minders and Hist Mages. Make sure you have answers to remove Chanter of Akatosh and Heretic Conjurer as quickly as possible and in either lane. The deck has enough Lethal to control the board and ramp to your Hulking Scalon or Pure-Blood Elder fast enough to close the game. Deck code: SPACjQczAAAQgkgsqydynwoxqNaMbWqkbNqBdppamviv

The Final Battle – Isle of Madness Master Tutorial

Memory Wand support - Isle of Madness Master Tutorial
Memory Wand support

The Mad God reveals that Talym had previously come to him to erase Talym’s painful memories about his dead son. The three broken minds were deemed as payment for Sheogorath’ favor, and Sheogorath put a “wee little fib” in Talym’s mind to motivate him. Sheogorath is happy to give Talym his memories back, although he doesn’t think he would survive it. You first need to fight him: you get to pick a deck and engage the Mad God in battle. Sheogorath starts with a Memory Wand support card. Once you rid Sheogorath of all creatures and don’t have any of your own on the board, he uses the Memory Wand to show you a flashback of an old memory…

Imperial Training – Porcia Loran Puzzle

The first flasback is that of a training session between Talym and Porcia Loran. Talym relives a fateful day from long ago. On this day, Porcia suggested for Talym to relax and to see his son, Novos, because he was obvisouly very exhausted. But Talym denied and continued the training. Porcia will need to find someone to look after Novos. The video below shows a spoiler on how to solve the puzzle.

The Final Battle, Pt. 2

After winning against Porcia, you continue the fight against Sheogorath. This time with less health, but with more magicka to start with. After a while of playing the next memory flashback triggers.

Worm Cult Initiation

Worm Cult Initiation is the puzzle where Talym is attempting to infiltrate the Worm Cult and must prove himself to the cult – by solving a puzzle. The following video spoils the solution of the puzzle.

Spoiler: Worm Cult Initiation Puzzle

After solving the puzzle, though, Talym must pass another test. But before this, the Mad God needs to be beaten again…

The Final Battle, Pt. 3

In the next part of the battle against Sheogorath, Talym starts with only 20 health and 3 runes, while the Mad God kicks off this match with the normal 30 health and 5 runes. Again, you will need to control the board and remove all of Sheogorath’ creatures as well as your own (or break enough of his runes) for the final flashback… A very sad one…

The Tragedy – Isle of Madness Master Tutorial

The Tragedy is the chapter where we learn the truth about Novos death. This one is really very straightforward. Talym needs kill his own son Novos to be welcomed in the Worm Cult. A really, really sad moment…

Isle of Madness Master Tutorial

The Final Battle, Pt. 4

After Talym is confronted with the reality that he was the cause of his own son’s death, he realizes now that running away from the pain of the past will not solve anything. Talym takes the Memory Wand from Sheogorath in this mission.

Isle of Madness Master Tutorial

And this is the final battle of Isle of Madness. While Sheogorath starts with 30 health, you only get 15 health and 2 runes. Both players have 5 magicka, at the beginning, so make sure your deck is greedier than usual. There is not a lot of room for error in this fight. In this match-up, you do get the Memory Wand, however, and need to use it three times to win against Sheogorath. Each time you trigger the Memory Wand, Sheogorath relives his own personal tragedy. Sheogorath cannot stand his memories as Jyggalag and begs Talym to stop.

Here is a deck that might help you succeed:

The Rewards

When you beat Sheogorath, he leaves Talym alone who stays with his tragic memories. With his memory restored, Talym wants to return home to properly grieve for his son, and in time, plot his revenge against the Worm Cult. He ends his journal with a warning.

There will always be a devil seeking a bargain, promising to take away your pains. Do not trust them. The past may be the heaviest burden, but it is our burden to bear.

Talym’s Warning

Lesson learned? I guess, play less TESLegends, and spend more with your kids! 😉

Talym and Novos
Talym and Novos during Happy Times

The End

Oh wait… one more…

The Hidden Title – The Strategist

Hidden Title The Strategist

To round off this Isle of Madness Master Tutorial: you can earn a hidden title in this episode 6: The Strategist. After you have defeated Sheogorath in the final chapter, you can go back to The Finale, Pt. 2 and replay this match without hitting face. You need to win using an alternate win condition, such as Jarl Balgruuf or Unite the Houses. Eventually, Sheogorath will just concede to unlock the hidden title The Strategist. Here are some decklists:

  • The Strategist is a Control Mage deck by The game plan is to win based on the Jarl’s win condition. A few additional tips for this deck can be found on legends-decks.
  • Unite the Madness is a Mage deck by GicaForta. The deck runs both Unite the Houses and Jarl Balgruuf as it’s win condition. Deck code: SPACbqjdADjZcOlYAOgykYbBkFmiaxgSncrhgHjHkJngob

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