Porcia - Isle of Madness Run-Through Episode 4

Isle of Madness Tutorial – Episode 4 – The Betrayal

This article provides an Isle of Madness tutorial for Episode 4: The Betrayal. Maybe you have completed the episode already on normal difficulty? Maybe you are struggling a little with a particular mission on master difficulty? This guide provides a proven collection of decks that can help you do the trick. Some of them are suitable for players on a budget, i.e. these decklists do not run any (or very, very few) epic or legendary cards to allow players with a smaller collection to continue to play Legends as a Free-to-Play game.

With this Isle of Madness tutorial, it should be pretty straightforward to complete the fourth Isle of Madness episode, The Betrayal. The article also provides a few YouTube videos of CHARM3R who showcases his decks in action. Please like them and support him by subscribing to his channel (most of you will already be subscribed, but just make sure you double-check).

Druadach Pass (Chapter 1)

Isle of Madness Tutorial Druadach Pass

At Druadach Pass Cyriel tells us that the Reachmen have created a deadly poison gas. They are going to send it into battle on the back of some of those Dwemer machines. She wants to tell the Imperial about it, but Talym wants to make sure that Porcia fails to save his son. He wants to plant false intelligence about an antidote to trick Porcia. Cyriel does not want to be a part of this and leaves us, finally returning our purse she had stolen before.

At Druadach Pass you need to fight against a 100-health Doomfang Courier. You get a special support card called Kill the Messenger to locate the Reachman Intelligence cards in your opponent’s deck. As you can see below, these deal 20 damage to your opponent.

  • The Banisher Mage deck works nicely here. Certainly a low-effort attempt, but hey, it works…
  • Charm3r has created an Archer deck that works equally well as you can see in his Isle of Madness tutorial video. His deck code:

Bthardamz (Chapter 2)
– Isle of Madness Tutorial

Bthardamz – The one with the traps. They keep popping up… Here you fight an AI opponent called Bthardamz Defenses. It uses a lot of traps to keep it’s creatures well protected. Killing the traps will cause some RNG effects which can range from dealing 1 damage to all creatures in a lane to summoning Slaughterfish Spawning. The mission is pretty doable with a variety of decks. Here are some examples:

  • Bthardamz – IoM Master Budget is a budget Warrior deck by tesl.blog. The game plan is to silence the traps and get control of the field lane. Then use drain creatures to stabilise and get control, over the Shadow Lane. Then win. Deck code: SPAAABreAQdRjppRclmGnVqEmydEeechhEbDrQkNpD
  • Bthardamz – IoM Episode 4 Master Difficulty is a Warrior deck by tesl.blog. Use Doomcrag and pings to deal with the many 1-health creatures spawning after you kill the traps. Lots of silence in the deck to silence the traps to avoid issues in the first place. Remove as much as you can until you have board control. Deck code: SPADlxlkjaABehAPeElwbDqEnVmGmyfvflirrlpyhroRga
  • Charm3r has created another awesome video tutorial, using a Mage deck. Check it out below and please upvote it. Here is the deck code:

Bthardamz Dungeon (Chapter 3) – Isle of Madness Tutorial

Bthardamz Dungeon – the one where Porcia is shackled and needs to be freed without getting killed. The AI opponent in this mission is called Doomfang Jailer and starts with two Guards protecting Porcia.

  • Bthardamz Dungeon- IoM Master Budget, a budget Monk by tesl.blog. The game plan of this deck is to withstand the AI attacks by using guards and life gain and get control over the field lane where Portia is located. Try to contest the board at all times and don’t swing face before you have control over both lanes with enough creatures to win in two turns. Deck code: SPAAABlBAQhnruhbdpkGgsghimjqjifqfYmLfrgUgp
  • Bthardamz Dungeon – IoM Master Walkthrough follows a similar idea, but is not a budget deck. The game plan is to leverage Guards and life gain to gain control of the board and stay alive until the AI is out of resources. You then build a nice board for a two turn beat down. Deck code: SPADajczjWAEmdmuoYbnANepgslhghhbhnqWrnimkGbLjqdp

In addition to the decklists, there is also a YouTube video by Charm3r where he explains his strategy and showcases his deck in action. His deck code is:

Grove of Mara (Chapter 4)

Grove of Mara is the one where fight the Priests of Mara with the support of Blademaster Porcia.

Blademaster Porcia
Blademaster Porcia

Additionally, the field lane is converted into the Monastery Lane where you get a buff of +1/+1 when you gain health. You can use the decks from the previous chapter to compete here as they provide enough life gain and Guard protection. Alternatively, you can use Marek Brenišin’s Mage deck Priests of Mara (IoM ) Master Difficulty – here is the deck code: SPABqIACbmbZAPfJmimpcJelghhngwjHcRfyiWjqlYge

CHARM3R has also created a video for Gates of Madness. The deck code of his Mage deck is: SPACghkbAAAQcxmpdfhnjqjPdrlYoejHgecJljeueejS

Bthardamz Secret Passage (Chapter 5) Isle of Madness Tutorial

Flood the Passage - Isle of Madness Tutorial episode 4
Flood the Passage

The one where you need to fill both your lanes to win. The AI opponent, Doomfang Chieftain, is running a Mage deck. However, as annoucned in Druadach pass (chapter 1) his deck contains mostly neutral Dwemer cards and a lot of Reachmen that require a few tricks to win. Here are a few decklists that will help you to win easily.

  • Bthardamz Secret Passage – IoM Master Walkthrough an Assassin deck by tesl.blog. The game plan of this deck is to fight for the board and trade favorably until the AI has to rely on their top deck. Then, gradually build your board using Sotha Sil or use another finisher to stay in control of the board. No need to hit face here… Deck code: SPAGbklnjfaAeAoNAEkgrqlUnuAMdVnccuepkKcvkLbObfgymioe
The poison is released, but the Antidote does not work…
Porcia dies
…leaving Porcia in an inferno

We hope you find this guide helpful. Please leave a comment with feedback or your own deck that you used to complete the mission.

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