Renegade SOS OTK Mage – BWG Weekly Deck

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  1. Alex Popovic says:

    Hey there,

    I really like this deck and I’ve been playing it for the past week. However, it seems outdated. The card I struggle with using the most is Namira’s Shrine as it seems useless and provides not enough value even when not — useless. I’m a new player so my card collection and knowledge of the game is not that big, that’s why I’m asking for help.

    Is there any chance you could suggest some updates to the deck or maybe post an updated list for October 2019?



    • Holoir says:

      Hi Alex,
      thanks for your question and interest in this deck. Namira’s Shrine got nerfed, that’s why this deck is indeed outdated. SOS OTK decks currently work best in Guildsworn. BWG member Gαmαεulεr is quite a fan and has provided me with two versions of the deck that he currently likes to play on ladder. The first one is more creature-based so you can actually beat up greed – the deck code is:


      The second one is taking a rather approach. Deck code is:


      Hope this helps, and please let us know how these decks work for you.

  2. Alex Popovic says:

    Hey Holoir,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ll try out the two decks you mentioned. Looking forward to your new posts, the content on is awesome.

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