Isle of Madness Guide – #3: The Baron – Walkthrough

Welcome to our Isle of Madness Guide #3: The Baron – Walkthrough. This article provides an Isle of Madness guide for Episode 3: The Baron on Master difficultly. Certainly, the tips can equally be applied to normal difficulty level.

The guide includes a proven collection of decks that can help you do the trick. Some of these decks are suitable for players on a budget, i.e. these decklists do not run any (or very, very few) epic or legendary cards to allow players with a smaller collection to continue to play Legends as a Free-to-Play game.

In this episode we are engaging with Baron Navir. We will drive him to commit suicide by fulfilling his crazy decrees.

Kwama Mine – Isle of Madness Guide

In this first chapter, Baron Navir is challenging us with a funny task. The Kwama in his mines shall begin to lay eggs of gold. Luzrah Gro-Shrah gives us a hint and suggests that we should paint the eggs in gold and slay them before they can hatch.

And we have to be fast because the Kwama eggs will hatch after two turns into 8/8 Giant Kwama. The good news: slaying a Kwama egg gives you 5 health. To paint the eggs you get a 1-cost Paint Bucket that comes back to hand right after it is played. The challenge is to have a good start and to avoid the hatching right from the beginning. Tricky, because you don’t have that much magicka and the AI opponent is putting lots of guards to protect the eggs. A few deck lists are available to help with the mission.

  • Kwama Mine- IoM Master Walkthrough – Ep 3, Chapter 1 is a Sorcerer deck by The game plan of this deck is to not let any eggs hatch. You have multiple actions to deal deamage to finish the eggs one by one. Reverberating Strike can kill two eggs at once and is clearly a great option to have in hand. The deck also includes Renegade Magister, the Monthly Reward card for January 2019. He doubles the damage of the removal actions in your deck. Deck code: SPACgDaAADdTsnpbAOdKcydIdJnLdMdPdVhMncgwiBjHiy
  • Charm3r even has created a video guide to showcase his Mage deck. Check it out! Deck code: SPACbqkbAAAQcOlYdrimjHmcncrqrCoegyfWhFhncxdM

Meliel’s Farm – Isle of Madness Guide

In Meliel’s Farm you need to fight against Meliel’s Netch Herder and slay the Betty Netches to summon Bull Netches to your side.

To achieve this you are equipped with a Pheromone Collector support card. The Pheromone Collector allows you to collect the pheromones of Betty Netches – no, don’t think of the smell, please…. One Betty Netch gives the support one additional use. The Pheromone Collector allows you to summon a 5/5 Bull Netch to a lane of your choice.

Here is a sample decklist to complete the mission.

  • Meliel’s Farm – IoM Master Budget, a budget Assassin deck by The game plan of this deck is to remove Betty Netches early on, to leverage the Bulls for some favorable trades and establish board control. Use Cruel Fireblooms on Brutal Ashlander to remove early game creatures. Ideally, your Firebloom can hit a Brutal Ashlander. Another option to beat the Betty in the Shadow Lane is to use a Deranged Corpus. Fighters Guild Recruit is cheap defense, to eat a much bigger threat. With Scroll Seeker in play when you draw the Fireblooms gives him a nice boost. The better use, however, is to play a Treasure Map on him to draw a Firebloom. Similarly, Murkwater Guide allows you to draw a copy of a Firebloom if you draw one, while he is in play. Temple Conjurer allows you to summon a 5/3 Flame Atronach who can also kill Betties with a single swing. Deck code: SPAAABncAQdKcymioeeqgsqhnMqyhlrnmnfLqLldnC

Mushroom Tower

In the Mushroom tower mission, both players start with a Mushroom Tower in play. These give all actions Betray. Your opponent is leveraging this by playing an action-based Sorcerer deck with Vvardvark, Soul Tear, and many other actions. Their deck also has creatures like Brutal Ashlander, Balmora Spymaser and Elusive Schemers (to name a few) who easily benefit from the Betray keyword that Mushroom Tower provides. In addition to the Mushroom Tower, the AI opponent starts with a Mages Guild Retreat support in play. This can be very annoying, because whenever two actions are played, they summon a random Atronach. Being able to remove the opponent’s support cards as early as possible is key in this mission. Below is a deck that will help you win the mission.

  • Mushroom Tower – IoM Master Budget, is an affordable Mage deck by with lots of Prophecies (38 to be exact). The idea of the deck is to Dismantle both supports of the opponent and gradually beat them down. The deck runs Fate Weavers to fetch Prophecy cards from your deck. Many cards like Harmony or Illusory Defenses buy time or allow favorable trades. Use your Drain creatures as often as possible and play to protect them. Deck Code: SPAAABoeAQezrpgwcBhQhniDjHgeiWljmpeejqminE

Meliel’s Garrison – The Finale of Episode 3

In the final fight if this episode you fight against Meliel who is running an aggressive Assassin deck. Baron Navir is fighting on your side. He is in a great mood because all his Prophecies seem to have come true. In game-terms, Baron Navir is a 2/4 Dark Elf who battles a random creature in his lane at the end of your turn. If there are no creatures, he moves to the other lane. This is the tricky part of the mission, because a special condition says, that you lose immediately, if Baron Navir dies.

Thus, your deck should find ways to protect the Baron against the many bigger and/ or Lethal creatures. You can use creatures with Guard or Charge to keep the opponent’s side of the board clean. However, Meliel’s Assassin deck is on a pretty aggressive curve. Thus, cards that help to Unsummen the baron can be a neat way of saving him. While you fight for the board to protect Baron Navir, you also need to keep the aggressive Meliel from beating you down. The mission is not reasonably difficult and a few decks have been created to help you on this quest.

  • Meliel’s Garrison – IoM Master Budget is a Warrior deck by This deck contains a large number of creatures with Guard, Charge and Unsummon to avoid the Baron getting killed. You can go under Meliel’s deck with this build if you get some favorable trades. Deck code: SPAAABchAQdqedkycPgFbDlEcMkNreakahlLrjdEkS

We hope you find this guide helpful. Please leave a comment with feedback or your own deck that you used to complete the mission.

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